Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some simple stuff.

While I painted my silhouettes black, Grace decided she was a little more colorful.

Silhouettes are everywhere, and for over a year I've thought I should figure out how to make them.  I'm not an artist, so drawing silhouettes wasn't an option.  So here is my simple way for a non-artist like myself to make silhouettes.

First, I ordered a 4x6 print through Shutterfly and had them printed at Target.  Now, if I had my printer (it's in storage because we're selling our house), I could have printed them here at home.  The next step could have been done with a printer too, but again I am without.

Next, I took my photos to a copy center, and I blew my pictures up just a bit.

Then I cut out the photo copy of my silhouettes.

Finally, I traced around the silhouette and then painted it black.  I made 3 of these in about an hour.  It was so simple.

My baby-sitter is going to kill me for putting her picture on this blog, but we love her and we think she's pretty darn cute.  Her birthday was yesterday, and she liked my silhouette idea, so I'm surprising her with her very own.

As for sewing, it's been a little slow going.  The only thing I've sewn since finishing Grace's quilt and getting stuck on George's is a little apron for George.  I'm in love with Riley Blake's Wheels fabric.  Love it. 

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