Monday, July 25, 2011

Made on Maple's Littlest Model

Baby Henry is asleep on the floor beside me as I type this.  His being asleep at all during the day is a miracle. Henry is a sensitive baby, so he requires being held a lot, and if I'll hold him during nap time he can sleep for hours and hours at a time.  If I dare to put him in his cozy bassinet, I'm lucky if he'll sleep an hour.  It's a good thing he's a darling little baby, so I don't mind holding him and I don't mind not getting anything done during the day.  So I'm not sure when you'll see me back here on MOM on a regular basis, but I do have a two posts for you this week.  (Hopefully.)

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the items I made Henry before he was born.  I think the favorite thing I made, and the thing I've definitely used the most, are the felt letters and numbers to keep up with the quickly passing days.  I've done a photo shoot almost every day to document his little life.  As a third child, I don't have tons of time during the day to just whip out the camera and snap shots, so with these letters and numbers I at least know Henry's getting one picture a day.

I'm also loving the little onesies I made for him, and he's also worn his Quick Change Trousers a couple of times.  It's been warm here, so he hasn't worn the pants as much, but I made them long, so hopefully he won't grow out of them before the weather changes.

My Simple Baby Quilt has been the perfect thing to lay on the floor when Henry's up from his nap and pleasant.

Annee made me some pacifier clippies, and I've never had a baby that takes a pacifier.  However, little Henry came out with a sucking blister on his finger because he liked sucking his fingers so much in the womb, so he seems to be soothed by a pacifier, and the clippies have definitely come in handy.  Thank you, Annee!

And, last but not least, the Henry Blanket that Annee made for Henry has been a huge hit in this house.  It's light weight, so I can cover him while he's in his swing, or lay it on the floor for him to stretch out on.  Such a simple blanket, but with so much potential.  I love it!

Cross your fingers I get time to do another blog post this week.  I have something really pretty to share.  Now back to my maternity leave.  Henry needs me!


Annee said...

Oh man!! He's so cute in all of his MOM creations. The quick change trousers seem so great. He makes me wish I had someone to put quick change trousers on around here.

Sanchez Family said...

'strong survival skills' is why he must be so close to you while he sleeps. At least, that is what will get you through! Hang in there friend! :)

Zia Ali said...


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