Monday, December 10, 2012

One last Christmas decor post.

The last thing I felt like I needed to make this year was a Christmas wreath.  Annee made THIS one last year which was my inspiration.  I also used THIS white wreath (and tutorial), so I didn't have to wrap another grass wreath with yarn.  This project from start to finish took 30 minutes because I could reuse the white wreath.  Love a good reuse project!

I even had a couple extra lights that I draped on the bicycle hanging in my hallway.  Then I started thinking that Christmas tree lights would be a cute party garland idea.  I'll get on that for next year.  I need to move on from Christmas decor and start thinking about Christmas presents I'm going to sew.

Other decor I hung this year from last year included...

Christmas Party Garland and Merry Christmas Banner

An Activity Advent Calendar

The activity advent calendar has been fun for my kids.  We do just one Christmas activity a day which I think helps me not feel so overwhelmed, and I hopefully am teaching them something about the fun things we do at Christmas as well as the real meaning of the season.

Next up on the sewing schedule are Christmas pajama pants.  The activity on day number 24 on the advent calendar is "open one present."  Those presents are suppose to be new pajamas.  Last year I bought matching pajamas for my boys and Grace got a cute new nightgown.  She was a tad disappointed to not be matching the boys.  I searched for matching pajamas for all three of them, but with them being different sizes and different sexes it was getting difficult.  My solution was to sew them all pajama pants and applique them t-shirts.  This should be a quick and easy project, but I just need to get motivated.  I bought the fabric, I have the patterns all pulled out, so now I just need to cut, sew, and applique.

Fingers crossed I start tomorrow!  It would be nice just to get it done.


Sarah said...

I love your decor!! felt string lights are adorable!

Candice said...

Make sure to give me exact details of sewing the pj pants so I can do the same! I love having you be the creative genius and me just copying!

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