Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Week Continues...

First of all, I must publicly thank Liz for figuring out how to embed PDF files into her posts.  I remain in awe of her technical skills, sewing skills, and sheer determination to get things done!  Often I tell her I just feel like I'm a guest blogger on her sewing blog! 

In honor of the PDF file, I had to make a festive halloween garland right away! 

And really, Liz did the hardest part for me.  I printed out my shapes, cut out 9 of each.  I went out to my sewing machine at 9:53am.  I was back inside my house at 9:58am.  That's my kind of sewing project!  The cutting took a bit longer, but Regis and Kelly were keeping me company for that part. 

The night before I made the garland, I called Liz and told her I might not be able to participate in Halloween week, because I was planning on being too tired this whole week!  She told me I should just walk out to my sewing room and stand there for a minute, and I might get energized.  So I hung up the phone with Liz and did just what she told me.  Walked myself out to the sewing garage, turned on some tunes and found my Halloween spirit!

I walked back in my house close to midnight, really happy I already had two orange linen pillows in the pillow collection.  They instantly dressed up my three new ones.  I set it all up and climbed into bed.  When the alarm went off entirely too early, I heard my George getting all excited about the new Halloween pillows on the couch.  As I came walking out of my room he said,

"Wow mom, you know how to make some really cool stuff."

I decided not to be grumpy anymore at that point in time.  He appreciated my contribution to Halloween week, maybe as much as Liz :) 

Happy Halloween!!

P.S.  Here were my tricks for keeping it simple, I didn't make the orange piping that I had originally envisioned. Which would have been awesome, but also would have added at LEAST an extra hour onto the project.  And, I went with the simple envelop fold back, so no closures involved.  Again, saved myself another hour!  Sometimes it's good to remember to keep a project simple enough to be able to enjoy in time for the upcoming holiday, this year, and not always think, "I'll make that really great NEXT year". 

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Liz said...

I'm so glad the PDF file came in handy! The garland looks so festive on the mantle.

And those pillows!!! So darling! I almost wish I didn't have 50 pillows on my couch right now or I would start making some.

I think the best part of your new decor was George's kind compliment. Such a sweet kid and so observant!

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