Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need something to make...

Here's an idea:

I first saw this bag HERE (scroll down to the last picture).  (Now that I look at it again, I see I did make mine different with the little box pleat things at the bottom of the bag.  Making it flat would have saved me a bit of time, but I really liked the shape in the end.) The minute I saw it, I said to myself, "Self, you should make one of those bags.  You'll love it".  It's taken me until a few days ago to act on that impluse.  I bought the fabric from Ikea what feels like weeks ago.  It might in fact only have been two weeks ago.  I was not charmed by the quality or texture of the fabric when I first started working with it.  Ask Liz, I called her and made fun of how lame the fabric felt.  But after ironing it a bit (which I was afraid to do at first, not knowing what the stuff was made out of), it kind of softened up and started feeling less synthetic and plasticky.

It's a super simple bag.  I really should have been more thoughtful and taken pictures of the process.  I made the bow in the exact same manner as the green pillow I made what feels like yesterday ago. I think I'd like to make a promise, right here:  The next time I make something with this bow on it, I'll turn it into a tutorial.  

That was a big promise.  But I'm going to do it, only because the two things I've now made with this bow on it, have made my life happier.  I believe everyone's life should be happier.  So, when the fancy next strikes for more bow adorned items, get ready for my first ever tutorial!

The bag is now in the mail on it's way to make someone else happy.  But, I'll totally admit that before I mailed it, I sampled it one time, with the cutest teal colored dress that I wore last Sunday!   It was a colorful combo which made Sunday more of a joy!

In summary, the bow bag made my life happier, in so many ways.  Thank you.

(And, it only took two hours to make, because that's how much more of my book I was able to listen to before I was done making the bag.) 

But now, it's turning fall here in the South.  We need more long-sleeved dresses.  Andrea's Go-to-dress, certainly seems to be living up to it's name.  I keep "going to it".  Thanks Andrea.  This time I did lengthen it by exactly 4 inches.  I really like the length.  This way tights are optional if you have an unusually warm day in nearly November.  And, we'll probably get to keep wearing it next year too, with the added length.  So that's totally a bonus.  

So that's it.  That's my contribution to MOM from the East Coast.  But really, sewing inspiration, book recommendation, and a hot tip on a new dress for Sunday, all in one post?!...I think I've gone above and beyond, if I do say so myself.

XOX  Annee


Liz said...

What a treat to wake up this this sunny bag!! I might be on my way to Ikea today to get some fabric to make my own bow bag.

I've also been needing a good book recommendation. How did you know??

Love the new Go To Dress. The pattern really is genius and it's FREE.

I might also need that Shabby Apple dress!

Love the update! Made my day!

Sarah M. said...

What a cute bag!. I may have to copy that. The stripes are perfect. Too Bad Ikea is an hour a way.

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