Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gathered Clutches

And, I'm back!

In case you were wondering why Annee has been flying solo for a bit, my whole family had the stomach flu last week.  While most people were enjoying the Thanksgiving break, we were just trying to keep food down, relax, and get well.  I also did more laundry in a week then I normally do in a month.

Getting back to the sewing machine hasn't been my highest priority, and while I'm not planning on making all my Christmas gifts like I did last year, I still have some gifts I need to make.  So last night I found myself finally sewing gathered clutches that I cut out BEFORE we all got sick.

I've seen this tutorial a couple of times, and the finished product is so cute, so I knew I needed to try making them.  Sewing them is not hard.  Cutting them out takes for.ever.  In fact, I should have just made a paper template of all the pieces I had to cut, so next them the cutting will be slightly less labor intensive.  Live and learn.

I couldn't find the right size zippers at JoAnn's, so my zippers are a little smaller then tutorial asked for, and I kind of wish I could have found the right size.  I know I can buy a larger zipper and cut it down, but I've had some bad experiences with cutting off the end of a zipper and the zipper falling off, and I didn't want that to happen.

I liked the finished results and so did my little helpers...

Now I'm off to bed.  I did get a yoga mat carrier cut out, so I'm crossing my fingers that it gets finished before the weekend is over!!


Annee said...

I totally love them. They turned out so cute. I saw a good tip somewhere about cutting zippers down, that after you cut it, you do a tight whip stitch across the zipper end, so that the zipper head won't fall off of the zipper track. I'm eager to see if the technique works, because I've had the same problem with cutting zippers as well.

Love the fabrics!

Doug said...

I love these! I made some last summer. I use mine everyday as my wallet. Annee's right about the zipper tip. I hardly ever have the right size of zipper. You can use a close zig zag (like a button hole) on your machine if you don't want to hand sew it. You are right about the cutting out taking forever. I did the template thing when i was mass producing them this summer and it saved a bunch of time.

These really do make great gifts.- sarah

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