Monday, November 7, 2011

Once a week...

I have a feeling MOM will be updated more than once this week, but you just never know.  Life is busy with 3 kids here, and I know Annee's been crazy busy with her 4.  I do know we've both managed to sew since we last updated, but sometimes sewing AND blog what we've sewn doesn't always happen.  I'm sure you can understand.

As I was uploading all the photos from my camera tonight, I realized I could do a quick post, so here ya go!  Enjoy!!

By enjoy, I mean really enjoy.  Look as these decedent treats. 

We officially had 4 people knock on our door for Halloween this year.  I swear we had 10 times that last year, but maybe I was dreaming.  Anyway, I bought 3 bags of candy this year, and with probably 10 tricker treaters to share my goodies, that left me with a LOT of candy.  I picked out the mini snicker and used Picky Palate's Double Chocolate Snickers Chunk Cookie recipe.

These cookies are sinful.  If you don't have an excess of snickers from trick-or-treating, just peruse Jenny's recipe collection.  She has lots of ideas on what to do with leftover candy.

After I made the yummy cookies I whipped up another pair of Quick Change Trousers.  I have a friend having a baby boy, and I asked her what she still needed and what I could make for her.  She requested appliqued onesies.  First I made the QCT because you need pants to go with onesies, of course.

And then I honored her request and made some onesies.  I've been meaning to make Henry a CA onesie.  They seem to be pretty popular in Etsy and online, and I do live in CA, so he should have one, right?  We'll see if that get's put on the sewing agenda.

Up this week for me, I have to finish my mom's birthday present, and then I'm waiting for some fabric in the mail.  I've decided that I'm going to make my two Gs minky quilts for Christmas, and since I know how crazy busy December will be, I'm going to TRY to get a head start this week.  Wish me luck!!

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Annee said...

Haha! Sew cute!! I know you were up late sewing last night. Did you really make it to bed by midnight?! I hope my elusive blog update finally happens this week, but with a early morning call to come in and sub, I'm worried I might be seeing a pattern for this week...

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