Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parisian Chic

I've been feeling like Grace doesn't have enough clothing.  Now if my husband is reading this he'll think I'm crazy.  But, I just cleaned out her drawers and gave away all the clothes that are too small and put away all the warm weather clothing.  That left Grace with very few options, and girls need options.

I made a long list of things I want to sew before the Christmas season is upon us (it starts the day after Thanksgiving in this house), but before I feel like I could get too far into my seasonal endeavors (I'm going to make 5 Christmas throw pillows!!!), I needed to take a brief time out and make my big "little" girl something.

One of Grace's favorite books are the Fancy Nancy series, and Nancy loves all things French, so Grace does too.  Grace has even told us that she wants to go to Paris, France to see the Eiffel Tower.  This is on my "places to go" list as well, so I have high hopes we'll both get there sooner rather than later.  Sew, when I came across this Michael Miller fabric in my stash that's been there for over 3 years, I knew it needed to be something Grace could wear.

I used the Lazy Day Skirt pattern as my base pattern, but I doubled it and added a coordinating fabric and some rick rack.  Doubling the pattern made the skirt extra full and twirly and fancy.

Pefect for my chic little Parisian wanna be.  

Grace giggled at the sight of her new outfit this morning, and when she saw herself in the mirror she said, "Oh, I look so beautiful."  High self esteem is not something Grace is lacking in these days.  And, I kind of have to agree she does look beautiful.  I am kind of biased though.  

The best part of this project is that it was done in less than an hour.  Those are seriously the best kind of projects!!

Now back to my lofty goals for Christmas sewing.  Did I mention I'm making my kids throw quilts??  I finished the quilt tops, and now I'm going to attempt to quilt them to a minky backing.  Any tips or suggestions before tackling quilting with minky??  I'm thinking I'll just be doing some straight line quilting, and I will use tons of quilting spray adhesive and safety pins.  If you have any other hot tips, I'd love some advice!


Kevin and Kristina said...

love love love this skirt! It reminds me of the one you made for Caitlin! If you ever find you have too many little girls clothes... definitely send some my way ;)

A girl can never have too many cute skirts!!

Annee said...

Lovely! As per usual. Where is the cardigan from? That seems like a great wardrobe staple!

Liz said...

Thanks for the skirt love!!

Kristina, I'm sure baby Cate will inherit some clothes from Grace!

The cardigan came from none other than the fancy store called Target. It came from the big girl section. I, too, thought it was a good wardrobe staple.

Kat said...

OK you cute girls. I just spent an hour in the material store and got some fabric to make this skirt. Wish me luck 'cause I am NERVOUS!!

Doug said...

Totally adorable little outfit. I love the Paris fabric. You used it on Mer's name sign. - Sarah

Deepak Biswas said...

Really Appreciated.
Thank you.

Kiss throw

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