Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to my second trimester.

Weeks ago I started to make a baby present for a very special baby (not one of mine!).  It started with cutting out the main fabric for a bib.  The Children At Play fabric bib, there on the left.  I managed to cut out the main fabric one day before everything came to a screeching halt. That bib sat cut out for at least a week, if not two.  Every night I would be plagued with the thought I should walk out and finish it, but I literally couldn't find enough energy to walk out to the sewing garage, let alone sew once I arrived there.  

I was kind of sad.

All of a sudden, Wednesday of last week, I woke up and felt rested.  After sending the kids off to school I didn't feel like I was about to fall asleep again.  My body almost felt light.  I thought to myself, "should I walk out to the sewing garage?".  

This time I arrived, and started to sew too.  I kept sewing for the rest of the day because it felt so good to be doing something so "normal" again.

There is a super bib tutorial if you are interested, right HERE.  

Bib template is included as well as a few different applique template ideas.  

Bibs are so easy to make.  They take hardly any fabric.  I had everything I needed on hand to make these two.  Backing them in terry cloth is a super sweet idea.  I see many more bibs in my near future, don't you?!

Since I was on such a sewing roll, I decided to whip up a pair of Quick Change Trousers, to go with the gift.  Between Liz and I, we have made a bazillion of these pants.  If you can't tell by now, we are huge fans of the pattern.  Unlike Liz, I have never had a baby of my very own to model my creations in.  Every now and again a giftee will send back a picture of their baby in my QCT.  I always get a kick out of that!  

I had a great time using this Sarah Jane fabric from the Children at Play line.  Though I can imagine the print might be a bit much for such a little fella.  

For that reason I was anxious to line this pair with some tee shirts I found for $1 on clearance at Target!  This makes the inside super soft, should he sport the print-side-out.  And if they switch them to the solid color out, I hope that it's a versatile and useful pair of everyday pants.  I've been nervous about my idea to line a pair with knit, while using quilters cotton for the exterior.  I didn't know if I would find it difficult/frustrating to work with two totally different materials.  Happy to report there was no difference. Easy as can be!

My sewing didn't stop there.  After subbing for two days in a row, and managing to stay awake for three whole days in a row without naps, I really thought I was onto something!  On Saturday early morning I started a little dress for another new baby soon to arrive!

This little dress pattern comes out of the same Anna Maria Horner sewing book as the Quick Change Trousers.  For these two patterns alone, the book is worth having!  While the QCT are my favorite baby boy gift, this Cute as a Button dress is my favorite baby girl gift to give.  I've always been sad that the pattern only goes up to a 24 mos.  I can imagine my ladies would love a few of these.  I really should get brave enough to draft the pattern large enough for them!  I've made it enough times now that it shouldn't be so scary any more...

Have you seen the new Aneela Hoey  Walk in the Woods fabric that was recently released?  

When they had it in stock at my local shop, and all I needed was a 1/2 yard to make this dress, I simply couldn't pass it up.  

And there you have it.  As I enter my second trimester, it seems fitting that I was making baby presents!  I'm sure the baby stuff yet to come out of the sewing garage will come as no surprise to anyone.  I was just getting warmed up!

Still feeling good on Sunday, I finally helped my Ruby make herself a skirt to wear to school today.  I kept the sewing to a minimum, and we agreed I'd get to do the serging.  She was a happy and willing student who loved ironing just as much as sewing.  The hardest part of sewing lessons is honestly, letting them pick out their own fabric.  I'll post a picture of her in her new outfit later today.  She looks darling, but let's just say the fabric was not at the top of my wish list of what to make her a skirt out of :) 

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Melissa said...

That mustache bib is to die for! I can't wait to see what you sew for your little ones!

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