Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Circle Pouch

Last week my sister-in-law, Sarah, of BlueSusan Makes, blogged about these cute little coin/earbud pouches.  I knew I needed one, and she said they were fast, and she was right.

It took me longer to work up the energy to sit at my sewing machine this weekend then it did to actually sew this.  From start to finish you could whip one of these up in 30 minutes.

I did thought the pouches were a little smaller when I went to make my own, but I like the size they are.  It's perfect for carrying my little shuffle with earbuds.  These little pouches would be a fun gift to give to a teenager or friend with an iTunes gift card inside it.  Hence the reason why I took a perspective picture with a gift card.  (Sorry, Ducky's car wash is the only gift card I had on hand.  The picture would be better with an iTunes gift card, but I didn't have one!)

Also, I love this little pouch, but I will make one change when I make it again.  I will lengthen the tab considerably and make it more like a wristlet pouch.  I don't see myself put this on my key chain (in the tutorial you add a split ring in the tab).  I do see myself  slipping my wrist into a longer tab as I was heading out the door.  (I listen to audio books on my shuffle a lot while I'm driving or waiting in line at carpool.)

Next time I'll make the change.  I had the bright idea once the little pouch was all sewn together.  For now I'm just hopeful that I won't loss my shuffle so often since it has a cute little pouch!  If you want to make your own go HERE for the tutorial.


Annee said...

You almost have me convinced...

Sarah said...

Hey that was quick. A wristlet handle would be a great idea.
And as usual, love the fabric choice!

Liz said...

I'm really convinced that this will be my go to quick gift idea. It's much faster then the gathered clutch and the like. There were three pattern pieces to cut out!

I'll add the longer tab and a gift card for the next birthday party/dinner I'm invited to and let you know how it goes over. :)

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