Monday, April 2, 2012

Fruits of Their Labors.

A week or so ago, I posted about Ruby getting a sewing lesson.  The truth is, it's not the first sewing lesson she's had.  These ladies of mine often migrate out to the sewing garage while I'm out there.  The other truth is, it isn't always a blissful experience.  I've raised LADIES.  They have grand ideas of their own.  As soon as they walk into my sanctuary with it's stacks of fabric, bucket of scraps, and collection of scissors, their wheels start turning just as fast as mine.  They've made tote bags, dolls blankets, pillows.  But their list never stops there, and it always involves me stopping what I was doing to help them with what they are doing.  You can see how it can get tense.  Patience is not a virtue any of us readily possess.  

But I'm tired of their list.  I thought I should add to it.  I decided it was time to show them just how easy a skirt is!  It can simply be one seam, and two hems (one with a casing).  It can be that simple!  And the result will be something they can wear to school.  What is not to love about that?!

When Ruby walked in one afternoon, I told her if she'd pick out a fabric, I'd help her turn it into a skirt.  I was not entirely sure I shared her vision with this fabric.  But it's been in the stash forever, and there was plenty of it for a skirt, so who was I to judge?!  

She agreed that to make it a bit more modern, we could add the ruffled waist feature.  

I thought pulling the elastic through the casing would be the simplest step.  Turns out, it's the hardest thing for them to do.  They are pros at ironing.  And with every attempt, they get better and better and sewing straight!

She pulled off her spool-o-thread skirt so grandly, that sister Jane wanted a sewing lesson too.  I told her she could pick out her fabric that night, but that her turn behind the machine would have to wait until the next day!  One girl at the machine per day is all I can handle.  

The next day, when we walked off the bus, she walked right into the sewing garage, anxious to get started.  I think we were done with her skirt in less than an hour! 

She told me the ruffly waist feature would make her itchy.  Let me tell you, there is hardly anything that won't make Jane itchy, but we try to make as many concessions as possible.  She went for the straight forward skirt with a casing.  

I loved adding the striped top and the red Salt Water Sandals!  I am thrilled that they have new skirts for this unseasonably warm spring.  And I am equally thrilled that they are learning how important, and how far you can get, if you simply know how to sew a straight line!  

Way to go Ladies!!


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Liz said...

Sew cute! Love the extra ruffle on Ruby's modern version. I might give that a try. Great idea.

Such a great mama you are. No wonder you are having another set of twins!!

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