Monday, April 30, 2012

Reversible Lazy Day Skirt

More Kid Clothes Week Challenge clothes for you!  I actually have one more outfit (pajamas), but George got sent to bed early tonight, so a photo shoot wasn't an option.  Hopefully tomorrow night will go better. 


Tonight I'm sharing a Lazy Day Skirt that I made for Grace that's reversible.  Reversible is my new favorite thing apparently.  I'm also dabbling in the print mixing that's currently a big fashion trend.  Jane and Ruby gave me the idea with their print mixing fashion statement.

Grace particularly liked this outfit because I told her it was cool and not cute.

Some time I'll share how I made this skirt reversible.  It's not hard, and it's like getting two skirts for the work of one.  I also finished this off by putting some rick rack in the hem.

The flower side probably didn't need the rick rack, but I thought it would add to the cute yellow chevron print on the opposite side.

What pattern should I mix with the Chevron?!

Grace thought a mani/pedi would dress the outfit up even more, so I gave her one in exchange for the cute pictures before school.  Not a bad deal?!

Okay, one last KCWC post tomorrow hopefully!


Annee said...

Such a simple yet perfect idea. I love the ric rac with the chevron. I don't think you can put a stripe with a chevron? But who knows, maybe Grace could pull it off :)

Get her one of those cute appliqué tops from mini Boden!

Sarah said...

That turned out so cute! God idea making it reversible. And the red dress is simply awesome. I just love it. That kcwc was a fun little challenge.

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