Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patchwork Curtain

A while back Annee pinned this inspiration photo.

Not only is it a beautiful patchwork shower curtain, but all the fabrics are Anna Maria Horner.  For the love of Anna Maria Horner, I wanted this in my house!!  However, I don't have a shower that requires a curtain, so I pinned this to my "For the Home" board and thought I'd patiently wait until I moved to a new house that needed a shower curtain.

Then I had a friend come over and she was looking at the curtain that I had hanging between my sewing room/laundry room and kitchen.  She asked where I got the fabric, and I told her it was on the clearance table at JoAnn's.  I had only hung a curtain there for when my mom comes to stay.  (My mom has the privilege of sleeping on our laundry room floor.  Have I mentioned I live in a small house?!?)  My friend said, "With all your cute fabric, I'm surprised you didn't make something brighter and more cheerful."  Funny.  I'd never really thought about how not very cute the curtain was because I never really have it hanging down.  I really only use it when my mom comes.  But, my sewing room is usually an eye sore, so it would be nice to have a cute curtain to shield the usual explosion of fabric, clothes, threads, machines, ironing board, etc.

Then I remembered the shower curtain.  An idea was born.

I knew I wanted my curtain to be all Anna Maria Horner fabric.  I would have loved to have made my curtain out of Garden Party, but did you know that you can NOT buy Garden Party online.  Well, you can, but you are going to pay a serious premium for it.  So I settled on the beautiful Loulouthi line.

My two favorite fabrics in the curtain.

I bought 10 different half yard prints of the LouLouthi fabric and cut 9 in by 9 in squares.  Laid them out a hundred different ways on my kitchen floor, decided on a pattern, and sewed my squares together.  I added a lining to the back, and I just used curtain clips to hang it.  I figure if I ever move I can always adjust this curtain to fit a shower or any other space.

Now I have a beautiful curtain hiding the sewing room mess.  It also keeps my curious little crawler out of the sewing room.  He thinks he can't crawl through the curtain.  I'm sure he'll figure out that it's just a curtain eventually, but I'll enjoy not having to worry about button or pins or scissors laying around behind the curtain for another day or two.

This curtain helps me want to be in the kitchen which is a good thing because I swear I'm in the kitchen all the time!  Some days I'm convinced I spend more time in my kitchen then I do in my bed.  At least now it's a prettier place to be.


Annee said...

It turned out sew, sew pretty! You will always find a way to use it in all of your houses!! Great job.

cheeriBABY said...

Love your curtain and love the bow dress. Nice work! I haven't been sewing lately...maybe soon though.

Unknown said...

Ptachwork curtain shown here is beautiful. Have a look at it

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