Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy Zipper Pouch

After I made my circle pouch a couple weeks ago, I was a little sad that I couldn't put more into the small pouch.  Most of the time I leave my house I need my keys, phone, and driver's license.  Oh, and some money or credit card is very handy as well.  I have purses, but I just think they are too big to haul around when I really only need a couple of items.

Then I had a friend's birthday come up and I wanted to make her something, but I only had one night to sew something.  A year ago I would have made her a darn quilt because that's how I rolled back then, but these days I'm lucky to even have a thought about sewing something for someone else let alone actually make something!

I then remembered this pouch I pinned on Pinterest.  I labeled it "easy zipper pouch" so I thought I could easily make it in a night.  To make it a little fancier, but not to complicate it too much, I had the idea to combine the easy zipper pouch tutorial with the circle pouch tutorial.  I did this because I wanted my friend's pouch to be lined, and I think the added batting gives it more weight and makes it feel more substantial.  In the end I was totally pleased with it, and only sad that I didn't have one for myself.

I used all the measurements for the fabric from the easy zipper pouch.  In addition to the main fabric pieces that the tutorial calls for, I cut lining pieces and batting pieces.  Then I followed the instructions from the circle pouch tutorial to assemble everything.  Hope that's not too confusing.

I've had fabric matched and sitting on my dryer waiting for me to make myself an easy zipper pouch for a while.  Today during nap time and rest time I decided to skip showering to sew.  I think I made the right decision!

Now I have my very own easy zipper pouch that can carry my phone, keys, I.D., and credit card/money.  It could also carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer which I was sad I didn't throw in my pouch this afternoon while I was out running errands with my kiddos.  Their hands are always so grimy to me.

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, I'm thinking these easy zipper pouches would make nice teacher gifts.  I'll get on that.  Or since their *easy*, I know I can procrastinate until the night before. 

Next on the sewing horizon for me is hopefully a quilt.  Did you get caught up in the re-release of the Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy??  I did, and now I need to do something with all the fat quarters I have.  I'm just not sure I'm up to the task of a quilt yet.  I'll be sure to keep you posted!


Amanda said...

You make me want to take up sewing!

Annee said...

These are super cute! What's the fabric on the second pouch?!

Sarah said...

You can never have enough zipper pouches. Cute fabrics!

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