Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun with Spray Paint

Looks like I get to say I did two post on MoM this month.  That's pretty awesome.  

First, let me start by saying Annee is alive and well.  She had her babies on the 7th of September, and they are all getting along as well as can be expected for a second set of twins and family of 6 kids.  But, I'll let Annee tell her story when she's ready.  It's hers to tell, not mine.  Just in case there are some concerned followers, she's alive, and somehow amidst the chaos in her life she's even sewn since her little ones arrived.  I'm proud to call her my sew sister!

Back to my meager contribution to Made on Maple...

After moving the sewing room into my room, my ambitions to sew have been moderately curtailed.  I still have plenty of ideas swimming through my brain, but getting through even a small fraction of them has seemed less and less likely when my sewing stuff is in my bedroom that I share with the Italian.  We tend to have different sleeping habits, and while I don't think my sewing machine is the loudest thing ever, I do think it would be rude to sew while he's sleeping.  Sigh.  Sew, I started watching Lost.  Have you seen it?!  Don't start.  It will suck you in.  Anyway, the month of September my creative sewing efforts laid dormant.

However, I did get a little crafty with spray paint.  For the record I really love painting.  If I had a bigger house, I really think I could go crazy painting furniture and spraying painting everything.  But I don't have a bigger house, and maybe it's not a bad thing.  

The Italian and I had a kid-free weekend at the beginning of the month.  We spent it in San Francisco.  We also planned it right so that we could go to the Alameda Antique Faire.  I've been wanting to go to this Faire for a while.  Let's just say it's dreamy.  I could go back every month.  But again, I don't have a big house so I have no idea where I would put everything that I like.  Again, it's probably a good thing I don't have a bigger home.

I did pick up some old picture frames and a Coca Cola tray.  As a Southern transplant, I have a special place in my heart for Coca Cola, and I special place in my fridge for Diet Coke.  The tray was a must have.

As for the frames, I spray painted them up, put some fishing wire on the back, and added some clips to hold my kids' art work.  

Not too shabby.  The paint color is Lagoon Blue from Home Depot.  It's been a year or two since I pursued the spray paints at Home Depot, but I have to say the variety of colors has vastly improved.  Thank you DIY movement!

Next up I spray painted some pots I've had for a quite sometime.  I was driving in my neighborhood probably 2 years ago, and someone had them out in front of their house with a  "free" sign on them.  I liked the look of them, and impulsively I put them in the trunk.

What I realized once I got them home, which I kind of thought when I put them in the trunk, is that they are HEAVY!  They are made out of concrete, and they must weigh 100 lbs each.  Maybe not that much, but they weigh a ton.  I haven't really done anything with them because I wasn't sure I was going to keep them.

This is Henry crying because I wouldn't let him help.  I'm so mean.

They are also the same color as our concrete driveway and patio, so I was again uninspired by them.  Then I had the thought to spray paint them, and all the sudden I was willing to over look how heavy they were.

 I bought some black spray paint and went to town while my kiddos played in the backyard.

I was also excited to take on this project because I found big mums at Costco that I just had to have in my yard.

So my pots sat empty for one day.  Then I went and got some mums.

To finish off the whole look, I added a large metal star to the fence.

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the whole look.

I think my little helper was just pleased to be outside.

Now that spray painting is out of my system, let's hope my sewing machine can see a little more action.


Flori said...

I just started LOST too! Today I finished the 1st season. I watch it while I workout, so I don't feel too guilty, but it does totally suck you in!!! Your pots and mums look awesome.

Sarah said...

Your spray paint makeovers are great. What a nice greeting those pots are as you pull into the driveway.

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