Sunday, October 7, 2012

KCWC - Are you in?

I didn't realize that Elsie Marley did a fall time Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Maybe it's new this year?  I'm not sure.  Anyway, over the past couple of weeks on Pinterest I've seen lots of good inspiration coming from the KCWC Community board, and I thought nothing about it until Friday (or maybe Saturday).  I followed a link back to Elsie Marley's blog and realized that the week long challenge was this Monday through Friday. (10/8 - 10/12)

Then my wheels started turning.  I haven't been overly productive with my sewing, but maybe this would be a good way to jumpstart my creative juices.  Not to mention I have lots of ideas of things I've been wanting to make, but nothing motivating me sew them.  I'm hopeful this week long challenge will be the motivation I need.

Sew, last night I sketched out a game plan for my week.  I'm hoping to make at least one item a day.  I'm not doing anything too challenging.  No Oliver & S dresses this week.  I tried to make my plan realistic.  I know an item a day sounds like a lot, but simple leggings shouldn't take too long, right?! I'm also going to spend some time tonight drafting a pattern and cutting out some fabric.  With any luck, I'll even be able to sew a little during the day during nap time.  Sounds dreamy.  With my game plan and early prep, I should totally be able to do this.  (So long as my kids cooperate, I get my chores done during the day time hours, and I don't need to go to bed can be so complicated as an adult!)

Pardon my seriously poor drawing skills.  This lame sketch sheet is what I'll be working towards.  I also 
 grand ideas of doing a share and show every day.  A daily progress report if you will.  I might not have the greatest pictures, but some accountability for me hopefully will be helpful.

Wish me luck, and if your feeling up to a challenge, come sew along!


Annee said...

This is the most exciting thing to happen to my week. You can do it!!

Sarah said...

ooh I'm so excited to see what you get done. Such a great challenge.

Angela and Dave said...

Hi Liz! I can't believe how much you've done! This is so fun to get a peek into how you do it all! You're amazing! We miss you guys.

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