Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC Day 4

I'm too tired to say much.

One picture and just the basics.

Pattern: I was going to do a Lazy Day Skirt, but decided to follow the same pattern I used for the Ring Around the Rosie Skirt.  The design is Mini Boden inspired.

Fabric:  Jean fabric with stretch.  I bought it at the Michael Levine Loft this summer.  It was $2/lb.  I think I paid $4 for 3 yds.  The cotton prints are all from Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy.  One day, I pray sooner rather than later, I will reveal the quilt I've been working on for months with this fabric.

Sewing:  Those little birdies took me FOREVER to cut out and sew around.  Then at the last minute I switched from a Lazy Day Skirt to a Flat Front Gathered Skirt.  My gathering technique on my serger wouldn't gather the skirt material because it's too thick.  That means it will be gathered by hand.  At midnight I decided that meant the skirt wasn't going to be finished tonight.  I'd be sad, but I'm too tired to care right now.

Lights out.  I'll sew on tomorrow...


Kristina said...

Looking sooo cute! Love that your photo shoot was in the bathroom for this one.

I need a skirt making night with you. Catie needs more of your adorable skirts. They are so well made and hold up so well and last forever!! She is still wearing the parisian one you made her at 6 months... and the one for her birthday... and wears them both at least once a week. I need you to teach me so I can have more of them!! The skirts at Target, etc. are so ugly and poorly made in comparison.

I am loving seeing all of your creations this week! Maybe we can fit in a skirt making GNO before my babe arrives in 3.5 weeks? Wishful thinking maybe? :)

Wendy said...

oh I love your little birds, so sweet!

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