Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC Day 6

I probably sewed the least amount today then any other day of KCWC, but today's finished creations are some of my favorite.

My inspiration for both the Bird Skirt and the House Shirt come from Mini Boden.  I love Mini Boden, but I'm not in love with the price tag.  I pinned the Bird Skirt inspiration months ago, and thought for a fraction of the price Boden wanted, I could make my own.  True all of my supplies cost less then what I would have spent, but the detail in their clothing make the price tag completely understandable and realistic.  I would know.  It just took me three days to re-create a knock-off.

For the House Shirt, I first created my mini houses.

Next used Steam-a-seam to adhere the houses to white fabric.  I also did all the detail stitching of the house doors and windows while unattached to the shirt.

I also found a striped shirt at Target for $1.80 to create sleeves for the Bird Shirt.

Lastly, I sewed on the sleeves, and then I stitched all around the outside of the house scene.

Then I recruited my model.

The shirt is a little big, but that just means she can wear it thru the entire fall and winter season.

The shirt and skirt go so nicely together if I do say so myself.

Both of them in action.

I totally love this outfit.

Most likely I won't be buying any Mini Boden any time soon, but next time I browse their catalogue or website I will not cringe at the prices.  It's pretty darn fair if you ask me.

However, I'm a DIYer at heart, so why buy something when you can make it?!

One more day left to the challenge.  Tomorrow is church and then an afternoon social.  I have a simple project that could be completed in an hour should I find an extra hour laying around in my day.  I have to do it.  I mean I made it this far.  Granted I've probably neglected a thing or two in my house, my email inbox has been ignored, and cooking meals hasn't been my strength, but everyone will live.  I WILL sew for an hour tomorrow even if it's from 11 p.m. to midnight.  

Peace out!


justmejay said...

Love both the skirt and the top - may need to 'compliment' you with these

Ginger said...


Lucinda Poel said...

What a great job you did! I had pinned that house shirt to my Pinterest inspiration board, and now I have your lovely tutorial to help with the construction! Love both your shirt and skirt!

Annee said...

Thanks for your inspirational week of sewing. And thanks for this post. It kept me company during a 3am feeding. Or was it the 4am feeding? Anyway, it was almost like we were hanging out together.

Natasha Klein said...

Hi I would love more sewing tips on sewing applique I love boden.... any help would be great { sewing machine used?, best stiffener, that type of stuff }thanks!!

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