Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Hannah Dress

I recently got some of Aneela Hoey's A Walk in the Woods fabric.  It's absolutely adorable.  I know a lot of Aneela Hoey's fabrics tend to have the same look with small storybook like drawings, and maybe that gets boring for some, but I find it so charming.  I might also feel a close connection to Aneela Hoey because I believe she has less space to sew in then I do, and she creates beautiful fabrics, embroideries, patterns, and books.  I like Aneela and all that she does.

I recognize I just made a Hannah Dress, but I liked the style, and I thought it would be cute for Grace to wear this one like a tunic over jeans.  She thought it was a great idea too.  I think Grace was smitten with the little birds to be honest with you.  They are so darling.

It was FREEZING when I took these pictures, and Grace hates getting out of bed on cold mornings like this.  Luckily she was willing to quickly dance around the backyard, so I could snap a few pictures.

The grass has a white-ish look because it's covered in frost.

I'm sew happy that I made another one of these dresses.  I'm thinking I'll have Grace wear it with tights and flats to church on Sunday, so she'll see just how great the dress is, and selfishly I get to see it worn again.

It's Friday night, and I'd really like to make Grace and George pajama pants.  George doesn't care that he didn't get a dress, but if I make pajama pants for Grace I have to make them for George.  George has tons of pjs, but Grace mainly has nightgowns and during our cold nights she needs pajama pants.  We'll see if I'm feeling ambitious enough to bust them out tonight.  Pajama pants can be so simple, and I have a cute idea for a shirt to go with them.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on where my sewing adventures take me.

Any fun sewing plans for your weekend??

Off to put the little ones to bed.  I'd so much rather be sewing then trying to get my kids to sleep!

Have a good weekend!

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