Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Wall Collage

The Master bedroom has been in a sad state of affairs for several months.  While I really am grateful just to have a designated space to sew in, it's quite an eye sore having my sewing stuff crammed on my side of the bed.  I must not complain though.  I used to think having to sew in the laundry room was a hardship.  This is my punishment for not being grateful for what I have.  (Just kidding.  Kind of.)  Lesson learned.  I'm happy to have a space.  I just need to make it as pretty as possible.  Sew, I thought I should look at a wall full of pretty things while I work.  Hence, the new wall collage.  I used to have Bs on this wall.  It was nice, but I was getting sick of it.

I first laid out on my bed (probably should have done it on a surface that isn't so busy but I did this activity while all my kids were roaming around me).  I made three rows with 4 things in each row.  I found that made my wall collage balanced.  I've had some of these pieces up randomly on my wall for a while, and I knew random placement wasn't what I wanted.  So I made a grid like shape.  However, I didn't want everything to be the exact same size in each row and each column.  It's kind of a pattern, but not really a pattern.  See?

I measured how high and how wide I was going to hang pieces in my collage.  My bed, even though a busy background, was actually the perfect space because it's as wide as I was going to go.  When I went to hang my artwork, I used a piece of painters tape along the bottom of where my wall collage would be.  With a leveler I made sure the tape was level.  I started hanging pieces from the bottom up.

My wall includes several pieces of art that Grace made at school last year.  I've been moving the four pieces I included from one pile in my house to another.  I've wanted to hang them, but because I know we'll get more artwork this year, I didn't want to buy frames for them all.  I think having some framed pieces and some not add an eclectic element to the wall which is kind of my style. (If I have a style.  And probably I'm more an organized eclectic which is kind of an oxy moron.)  The piece below is probably my favorite.

I also didn't want to have just square pieces in my collage.  I threw in 2 Bs, a round clock, and a bicycle. The round clock was my wedding present from Annee many moons ago.  Sorry the picture is blurry.

Below the collage, I added a couple of new storage items to help keep my sewing space looking neat and tidy when I'm not using it.  It also helps me keep fabric in my sewing space as opposed to storing it all in the laundry room.  I sew at night, and Henry sleeps in the laundry room, so it gets tricky selecting fabric in the dark with a flashlight.  As you can see, I used every darn inch of wall space getting the 2 cubby wall expedit (an Ikea purchase) to fit.  

Remember how I said the kiddos were roaming around while I was working.  George was slightly bored by the time I started taking pictures.  So sorry little guy.  Guess it's time for school to start again.

I also added a mini cart that has 3 drawers which is also from Ikea.  I'm hoping to get more organized this week with school starting up again, and I'll have this cart better set up with sewing supplies.  For now it's actually rather empty, but I have high hopes of it holding my needed supplies, and then hiding them quickly when I'm done working.

The sewing wall with my not so helpful helper waiting for me to entertain him.  

The sewing wall.

Now off to sew.

Oh, and I'll be back soon to share a project I started and completed last week.  It felt like the good old days of having an idea, starting the project one day and seeing it through until it was done.  Actually pre-Henry days I would have finished the darn thing in one night, but post-Henry I don't think I've started and finished a project in 2 days.  Anyway, my new project goes with some new bedding that is set to arrive tomorrow.  I'm sew excited!  Stay tuned!


Kristina said...

LOVE it!!! You do such a great job making your spaces so beautiful You need to come help me now :)

Annee said...

Way to make the most of it all Liz! That brings new meaning to "waste not want not".

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