Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm alive!

Things have been pretty crazy in my life.  A whirlwind trip to LA and forgetting my clothes, driving to and from LA, celebrating the 4th, my birthday, and trying to get ready for a big trip to my house in the South, and on and on.

BUT, I have been working.  I lasted posted that I was thinking of making some dresses for Grace.  I decided to postpone that until after my visit to the South.  Instead I made my mom 2 pillows that she's been wanting.  I thought pillows would make her happy, and isn't it nice to make someone's day!?!

I also haven't finished these completely.  I just need to finish hand stitching the binding. I think that is the perfect activity for me while I'm at my mom's house.

I might have more to say about my Round of Applause Pillow on another day, but it's too late tonight.  Sorry.

Now I must get some sleep because I have A LOT to do tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sarah M. said...

Oh wow, Those turned out so so great. I sooooo neeeed to make those. Have a great flight. Wish you were coming with them to see us next week.

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