Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too many options.

I purchased the newest edition of Stitch magazine on Friday night.  There are several patterns I'd like to try.  Too bad that the patterns weren't included in the magazine, but rather I had to download them and then print out 27 pages to make this dress.

It so precious, right?  I'll be spending my evening taping my pages together, copying the pattern pieces to my freezer paper, cutting out my pattern, and then FINALLY cutting out the fabric.

Dear Stitch Magazine,

Next time please don't get my hopes up that I'm going to get a new pattern when I buy your magazine.  I was just a little bit annoyed sad when I had to download and print 27 pages to make the sweet wrap dress.

Your Fan,


After I printed all 27 pages, I started to wonder if I should try to make this dress instead.

I bought this pattern a couple of weeks ago, but I'm slightly intimidated by it.

Dear Oliver + S,

When you say something has a difficulty rating of 3 scissors, what exactly do you mean??

Yours Truly,


I'm also starting to get anxious about my big holiday coming up.  My kids and I are going to my house in the South to visit my family.  Does Grace need a whole new wardrobe before I leave?  Should I be pulling late nights to make new dresses, skirts, and appliqued shirtts???

Dear Bahama Mama,

Do you want Grace to look darling in all new clothes when I come to see you, or would you prefer I work on a new throw pillow for you this week?

Love Your Daughter,


Enough with the letter writing.  I need to get to work!!  
Tootles for tonight!

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Annee said...

Dear Liz,

I totally wanted to make that wrap dress in the Stitch magazine as well. I didn't know that about having to download the pattern and print the pages. That is a real let down.

I can't wait to see your jump rope dress. I know you can do it. I just know it!! Do you know what fabric you'll use for it.

From your Sew Sister Who Can't Sew Right Now,


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