Friday, June 11, 2010

New to Knits

Tonight I decided was the night to work with knit.  I've seen several tutorials that I'm interested in trying that use knit, but they all intimidated me until now.  One of the reasons I enjoy sewing is because it is challenging, and I was up for the challenge tonight.

I think it paid off.  I used 2 lime green t-shirts.  I cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch strips out of one of the shirts.  I took each of those strips and did a basting stitch down the middle and then pulled the bobbin thread to ruffle them.  (Sorry I have no pictures of my process!!)

I made circles out of my ruffled strips and pinned them to my shirt.  Then I dropped the feed dogs on my sewing machine, switched my presser foot to my embroidery foot and used a free motion quilting stitch to get the ruffled strips to stay put.

Knit is really frail, so I had to go slow.  I definitely need work with my knit sewing skills, but tonight was a great start.  I'll definitely be searching the Old Navy sales table for more $3 t-shirts!!

Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like one.  The problem with sewing at night is that one one is up to take a picture of you!!

I also made a little tote bag for Grace tonight.  She liked the skirt I made her last night, but she was "feeling just a little bit sad" that she didn't get a new bag like George got.  In order to make her dreams come true, I sacrificed a little sleep.  I'm sure it will be well worth it in the morning!!!

Good night!!

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Sarah M. said...

Ooh, that shirt turned out great!!! I'm a little intimidated by those as well. It seems hard to figure out where to place the embellishment. Yours turned so well, maybe I'll have to try it. And I'm sure you made Grace's dreams come true with the tote.

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