Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am still alive!!!

Liz has been steering this ship all alone for the past month or so.  Seriously, when was the last time I posted?!

This past week, my kids were gone to camp with their grandparents, my husband had flown back to Korea to close up shop there, once and for all, and I was left alone with a few days all to myself.  Although I imagined my time would be filled with sewing, I'll admit that not having my own sewing "stuff" has stopped me more than once from settling into any of the projects I had at one time imagined doing.

But since I was supposed to meet up with my grandma one evening for dinner, I decided I really wanted a new shirt to wear.  Not finding anything that I really wanted to buy at any stores, I remembered that I had packed something in my suitcase from Korea:

This gorgeous steely grey bow, shirt adornment, all pre-made and pre-attached to a tulle backing, just sitting in it's quintessential Korean cellophane wrapping, waiting for my attention.

I found the shirt magically the day before.  It was a tissue thin, elbow lengthed sleeve shirt at Target, waiting to be purchased for $7.  It was the perfect color grey.

After maybe five minutes of sewing I had a new t-shirt to wear to dinner with my Grandma:

And to seal the deal, I believe I had three total strangers approach me on that day to tell me they liked my shirt.  I liked it too.  But it made me miss Korea.  Just like when I walked into a local quilt store here in Springville, and looked at a bolt of fabric that I hadn't seen before.  As I inspected the bolt to learn more about it, my eyes grabbed hold of the phrase, "Made in South Korea".  I nearly burst into tears.  I wanted to turn to someone and say, "I totally know what this means!  I was just there."  But there was no one there to tell it to.

I miss sewing.  But I miss just about everything about my old life.  Mostly because I haven't settled into my new life yet.  I'm in transition.  A new shirt makes me happier for a day.  But I soon remember that that feeling of forgetting something, or wondering what I'm doing, or thinking I was about to say something, is really all just symptons of the transition.

I'll find my grove again.  Please excuse me for a bit while I'm looking for it. 

My shirt is cute though, isn't it?!


Liz said...

Love it! Absolutely love it!! I'm also loving that we know both own a bright red cardigan from Target. We can totally be twins when I see you next. ;)

I'm sorry you are missing Korea and your old life. Transitions are so hard sometimes. Hang in there. You'll be set up in your new life in no time!

Love you and missed you here at MOM!!!

Kevin and Kristina said...

That shirt is darling! I want one :) Looks really cute with the pink sweater too.

Sarah M. said...

Very chic shirt Annee. Perfect placement!! Glad you are popping in. I am missing your inspiration. I hope your transition smooths out a little. Korea will always own a little piece of you.

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