Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Simple Project and a Vintage Find

Several months ago I saw a cute friend at a party who had taken a plain cardigan and swapped out the plain buttons for some eclectic ones.  Before I went to S. Korea I found this cute cardigan at Target, and I knew that I wanted to find some cute buttons to embellish it.  My mom caught wind of my idea, and she of course wanted one too.  I still haven't sewn the buttons on my cardigan, BUT I've got some down time here at my House in the South, so I tackled my mom's last night.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.  I only brought 3 outfits with me on my 3 week trip, so I will be borrowing this while I'm here!!

On to my vintage find.

I've been organizing some things for my mom while I've been at her house, and I stubbled upon this...

I know I should have ironed it, but, well, I'm on vacation.  

Let me give you a close up

a little closer

I'd say this took just a little bit of time.

I'm thinking since I found it in the back of a closet that maybe my mom will let me take it home with me.

Back to laying on the couch doing nothing late at night a.k.a. vacation!


Sarah M. said...

I should be sleeping but I just checked my blog and saw that yours was updated. What a lovely idea to add a mix of buttons to a cardi. I need a short sleeve one like that. Did mom do that needlework in her days of sewing things??

E J said...

Your cardi makeover reminded me of this: Have you already seen it?

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