Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trying to make a comeback.

This really isn't that big of a comeback, and I feel kind of lame posting an unfinished project, but I'm moving slowly these days.  I've been adjusting back to life in CA, and since being home I've fallen asleep for the night on the couch two times.

Today was Sunday, so after church I made a nice lunch and then just let everyone do whatever they wanted to do.  I, of course, ended up in my sewing room.  I work with Young Women at church and for a graduation gift for our Senior girls I'm making them personalized pillows.  I had them help me select their fabric, hence the Alexander Henry Regent Skull fabric.

I like this rectangle pillow, so I copied the style.  This pillow is for a married couple though, and I can't decide if the teenager girl pillows need a little something more.  Do I add a fabric flower??

The purple flower is just an example.  I'd make a flower that coordinates with the colors of each of the pillow, and I'm not sure I'd do felt.  I'm just not sure.  The Italian gave me Tim Gunn advice - keep it simple, have an editing eye - NO flower.  He says it's too much.

I'm hoping I can find the answer to my big dilemma in my dreams tonight.  Or maybe someone out there reading this has some great insight for me???


E J said...

I can see your dilemma - think it started with others chosing the fabric combos (so not necessarily your style to begin with). If you do a flower can you make it semi-permanent, or a dual purpose accessory (i.e. flower can be attached to headband, necklace, belt as well as pillow)?

Liz said...

Thanks for the idea EJ!!

I actually think it started with the project of having to make 3 of the exact same thing. It's projects like this that remind me why I can't start a shop and sew things to sell. It stifles my creativity! :)

Kevin and Kristina said...

I agree with John. Keep it simple. Definitely not my style of fabrics either... but they will look cute bc everything you make always does. I am a picky sleeper and could never sleep on a flower :) If that helps at all... so I'd make it removable or not put it on. Excited to see what you are working on next!

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