Monday, August 30, 2010

Just wondering...

If the enchilada sauce came out of the bow shirt.  I was so sad to hear the new creation got stained, but I totally understood.

Moments after I took the above picture of Grace in the A-line dress she got dry erase marker on it.  Black dry erase marker to be more specific.  I immediate went to work on it trying to get the stain out.  I got it to fade, but dry erase is synonymous with permanent.  Oh well.  I mean I did make the dress for a four year old, so what did I expect!?!  I think I expected at least one wear out of the dress before it got stained.

But I'll get over it.

As for the back of the A-line dress, here's a pic for you!

The pattern called for elastic cording and a button to close.  I used the patterns placement for the button and cording, but it was all wrong.  Next time I'll just place it closer to the neckline.  I also had to use bias tape for the cording because I only had black elastic cording, and that just wasn't going to match!

This weekend I started it of by making the most delicious whole wheat pizza.  The Italian is bit of a health nut, so I've been searching for a good whole wheat pizza dough that tastes as good as white dough.  I think I've found it.

I'll post the recipe another night.  I have to wake up early tomorrow. Sorry!

Next I made another bow pillow.  Remember when I made this one?  I've been wanting to make one for myself since I saw the cute one I made for my mom at her house.  I thought it would be the first thing I made when I got home from my vacation in the South.  Guess that didn't work out the way I thought it would!

Maybe a bit too much to have the brown animal print next to the black and white one??

I'm almost done with making pillow for my couch.  I have a rectangular pillow form that I want to make a cover for, but I just haven't been hit with the inspiration of what to do to it.  Stay tuned!

I didn't make this next item, but I'm so excited it arrived in my mailbox on Friday.  It's another B to add to my B wall.  I found it here.  I love my new B, and if you want a letter or two for yourself just know that shipping is free!

Lastly I whipped up a quick banner tonight for a friend.  Just a little *celebrate* love being spread from the west coast MOM headquarters.

And that's all!  I'm off to bed right at midnight.  That's early, right??


Annee said...

It does seem that next time the elastic loop should be closer to the top. But I do like that closure. I wonder if it needs one at all?

The enchilada sauce came out! It had to soak for nearly a week, but it washed out. Thank goodness.

Your newest "B" is darling. I probably need one too.

You got to make a bow pillow for yourself? I'm so jealous. I need one.

Yes please, I would LOVE the wheat dough recipe.

Sarah M. said...

Tragic about the dress's encounter with the dry erase marker.

That pizza looks yummy, I need that recipe too. The "B" is very cool!! can you take a pic so we can see how you integrated into the collection?

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