Thursday, September 2, 2010

My sister-in-law, Sarah of Blue Susan, requested a picture of my B Wall and how I incorporated my new B.  After I posted a picture of my new B I found on Etsy, I got two more Bs to add to my wall collages.

So, here's the wall...

I added this one

Found in this Etsy shop and shipping is free!

and this one

This is from one of Anthropologie's fabric letter line.  It's my only lower case B, so now I feel like I need more lower case Bs.

and this one.

I found this while I was at Urban Outfitters looking for something to wear for my upcoming family photos.  I was happy to find the B, but sad to not find something for me to wear!

My B Wall is in my bedroom which is the next room in the house that I hope to beautify (which most likely means more pillows will be made!!!).  I bought these cute lamps to help jump start the process, and now I just need to figure out what I'm doing for lamp shades.  I'll keep you posted.

 Now back to the sewing room...

Grace's best little boy friend on our street is having a birthday party this Saturday.  The party is Super Hero themed.  So, of course, he needed a personalized Super Hero shirt.

I'm going to put it in a Hobo Sack.  We're also giving him some Super Hero action figures, so the Hobo Sack can be used to carry his Super Heros around.  

I don't have any knit in my stash for straps, but luckily the Italian had an old t-shirt that he was getting rid of that just so happened to be the perfect color for my Hobo Sacks.  

That's a wrap for tonight, BUT you should know that this is Made on Maple's 98th blog post.  Be on the look out for something special on the 100th post!!


Sarah M. said...

I love your growing B wall. Thank you for the shot. You've inspired me to start looking for M's.

I liked that you used an old t-shirt for the drawstring on the hobo, like any "Made" reader would. Dana would be proud.

Can't believe you are almost at 100! You guys have been busy!

Kevin and Kristina said...

The hobo bags are darling. Love the letter on them too!

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