Friday, September 24, 2010

A week gone by.

A week ago today, I got super inspired to sew up outfits for church on Sunday.  I had some fabric that was inspiring me to want to sew.  It's from an older Valorie Wells line that I've actually had for quite sometime.  I think it was the coolness of the colors that was making me want to sew with it.  Have you heard?  We're having a late summer heat wave.  It's been in the 90's all week long.  You don't have to feel sorry for me, I have lovely air conditioning.  But these cool colors were like a cold drink of water for my eyes!

 I went back to the Olive & S Ice Cream dress that I've made once before.  It needed to make it again.  Since I knew I needed to make two outfits in two days, I needed to do things quickly.  I opted out of the little "v" indent in the neckline and pockets.  It was a small time saver, but I think I enjoyed my extra half-an-hour of life. 

Next up was a "Miss Kristine" skirt.  This is another pattern I bought back in February for the 5th birthday extravaganza.  Again, I've only made it once, so I was interested to try it again.

My favorite feature of the skirt is the elasticized back of the skirt, and the flat front.  But I do not like how the skirt attaches to the waist band.  I want to find a better way to do this.  I guess it means I am not done with this pattern.  This time I opted not to make the skirt double layered.  Jane loves her birthday skirt and actually wears it quit a bit, but it's a pretty heavy skirt with the two layers of fabric.  I really like this version, but I'm thinking the third one might do the trick!

The girls looked darling on Sunday, but there is no pictures to prove my point.  Life is sometimes too busy for pictures!  I hope you can believe me...

Next up was the need for a cute little baby present.  I was so excited to get to test out a tutorial from the Homemade by Jill blog. 

The skirt is so miniature, it's hard to believe it will fit a real person.  But miniture is oh so fun to sew!  I couldn't resist adding a touch of ruffle to the onsie, which I think finished off the outfit nicely.

I love the tutorial, it turned out darling.  But I did have to sweat a bit when attaching the waistband to the skirt.  That was the hardest part.  I still wonder if I did it correctly.

After all that productivity, my sewing room basically looked like this for the rest of the week.  I would walk past the door, and feel too tired to even walk in!  My girls discovered the space and started coloring old moving boxes and started playing out there.  I was too tired to protest about that too.  I decided I shouldn't be selfish if that place inspires their creativity too, surely there is a way we can share it. 

While they were busy adding to the mess outside, I was in the kitchen making them the most delicious after-school-snack.  Chex Muddy Buddies!  Have you had them?  You definitely should make some, right now!  Here's the RECIPE.  

That wraps up my week.  I've since cleaned up the sewing room with high hopes of sneaking out there for a few hours tonight.  Wish me luck!


Liz said...

Love it all!! The second Ice Cream Dress looks cute and refreshing, and I really need to try the Miss Kristine Skirt. Maybe it's my next skirt.

The little baby outfit is too sweet. It's so cute. I'm loving the red and white striped knit.

We don't have dinner plans. Does Muddy Buddy count? Cereal is vitamin fortified, right??

Lastly, I might need you to not post pictures of your LARGE sewing space. I'm only slightly jealous!!! :)

Sarah M. said...

Sweet projects Annee! I love them all. We love muddy buddies. That tiny baby out fit is so cute.
Quick question...Where do you find such luscious looking knits? I've been looking for something for a dress for Mer but our only fabric store,JOANN, has nothing but yuck. I'm a little nervous about buying knit online, when I can't touch it and feel the stretch. Do you have a trusted source?

Annee said...

Sarah, I bought my knit locally at a place in Raleigh called Chez Ami. They don't sell except out of their warehouse. So that's not terribly helpful. However, Michael Miller has a pretty cute knit line out right now. You can see a lot of it on

Hope that helps. I want to make more knit dresses as well. The girls like them so much for the comfort. Good luck!

Sarah M. said...

Thank you, I'll check that out!!

Hot Mama said...

Annee, I must confess - I'm a secret blog stocker! This is Jodie, Larks sister. I love your blog and had to confess that I read it often. I made the Felt Flower Pillow in your side bar last night. SO cute! If I knew how, I would post a pic - but I'm not that smart. Love how creative you are. You inspire me to get the old machine and give it a whirl!

Annee said...

Hi Jodie!! You are from a whole family of talented crafted. To say that I have been a source of inspiration is totally flattering. I would love to see you pillow. In fact, I was just thinking about how I want to make that pillow soon for my new living room here. I'm glad you love the blog.

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