Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been totally missing from this space for far too long!  Of course, Liz came for six days and that was the happiest sewing I've done in a long time.  We spent a couple of days up in Seoul at the fabric market, but once we were back, every night was spent sewing side by side in my dining room.  It was bliss.  Before she got here, I did complete the twin sized quilt I was making for my sister:

My sister built her nursery around these fabrics, which are mostly Heather Bailey and a few Amy Butler prints.  But now little June needs to move up to her "big girl bed", so she needed a twin size quilt.  Sometimes the hardest part about a quilt is fabric selection.  Having the fabrics all picked out, it was fun to just get to think of the design and sew it up.  Now onto quilting and binding, and June will be all set!

Also, before Liz got here, I wanted to try my hand at a tee shirt dress.  I've seen lots of different varieties of these dresses.  I was especially excited to try the floral/ruffled embellishment that I'd seen a tutorial for. 

I think with the added flower and ruffle trim, it turned out just how I was hoping.  And seriously easy!  The pink tank top and coordinating fabric has been laying out for nearly three weeks now.  I better get back to work!

Once Liz arrived with all of her energy, I was motivated to get to work on my Oliver and S, "Ice Cream Dress" pattern. 

Though the pocket detail was taking me forever, I have to agree that once it was all said and done, they really do add the perfect touch. 

Jane picked out her own fabric.  Imagine how proud I was when we were at Happy Quilt together and she found the one and only packet of Anna Maria fabric that I've seen in a very long time!  That's my girl!!  Other than it being really important to transfer all the marks from the pattern pieces, this dress is really easy to sew.  Now I want to hurry and make a second one while the process is still fresh in my mind.

While Liz was here, we also both made pairs of the Amy Butler Lounge pants from her "In Stitches" book.  I've used the pattern countless times, but Liz never had, so I decided not to let her leave until she used one of my favorite patterns herself.  I didn't get her photos downloaded to my computer, so maybe she'll upload here soon.  It really is a great pattern!

With only three weeks left in Korea, I have a very long list of projects I want to finish before life begins to transit.  Wish me luck! 


Liz said...

Too bad we don't have a picture of us both wearing our Amy Butler pajama pants together. Picture of my pants is coming soon!

Love the tank dress. Love it.

The Ice Cream dress looks delicious on Jane!!

sarah said...

Thank you for the quilt!! I am so so excited to put it on June's big girl bed (which she started sleeping in a couple weeks ago). You guys are so talented.

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