Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Days and Counting...

I'm trying to work hard to finish up all the lingering items that have been sitting in my sewing room.  I'm dreaming of a clean slate to start over new in America with.  I don't really want to take a vision home with me.  I want to clear the way for all new visions, having finished my Korean ones, while I was in Korea, if that makes any sense.  So, each day I'm trying to get a few more of those projects checked off the list:

The baby quilt from a while ago, this time going to George's second grade teacher who is having her first baby!

Finished the quilting and the binding, and really, I like the back, just as much as I like the front.

Birthday party outfit, finished just barely in time for the party!  These are all new fabrics from the Riley Blake label.  They've got a lot going on this spring!  I used the "Market Day Skirt" tutorial found on MADE over on our sidebar. 

I've really enjoyed staring at this pile of fabric thinking of possibilities.  Last night I used it for item #1:

A ruffled zipper pouch.

What will it be used for you ask?

How about for a secret stash of chocolate in coordinating colors?

But really, we gave it to our favorite pre-school teacher this morning since it was our last day of pre-school today.  I hope she enjoys it!  

Want to make one?  Here's the how-to:

But now I'm totally convinced that those same fabrics will make a really rad spring skirt.  I'm off to do about a thousand more hours of the gathering stitch.  I'm going to wish I saved a few of those chocolates for myself.

1 comment:

Liz said...

That quilt is a beautiful gift!!! What a lucky teacher!

Darling birthday outfit!

And the ruffled zipper pouch is darling. Love that the chocolate even coordinate.

Happy ruffling! I hope you get your slate wiped clean!

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