Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Popover dress take two.

I loved this fabric combo so much, that I had to do a few more things with it, before I could let it rest...

Also, I had an idea with the Oliver & S Popover Dress that would involve a ruffle, but less ruffling than the whole hem of the dress.  Let me try to show it to you a little better:

In my opinion it is just the touch of "something" that was needed.  I contemplated whether the ruffle should have been in the contrast fabric as well.  And it could have been, probably.  But, I like a bit more subtly in my details, for now.  The other two changes/additions I made were; I finished the little strapes.  The little bows tied shut are cute, but I think it looks really nice finished as well.  Plus, it takes less fabric cut on the bias.  Rather than cutting the strap piece twice as long as it prints out, you get to cut it the length of the printed piece. 

Finally, rather than a ruffle trim on the hem, I just did a contrast band.  I added the band before I sewed the front and back pieces together.  You could do it after as well, but I liked doing it one piece at a time. 

Of course, the tiered skirt was a necessity: 

I took the measurements from an existing skirt that we have and love. 

Finally the onsie dress that I've been trying to figure out since before Liz was here!

I know, it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but this project wasn't simple.  The thing is, I wanted the little snap bottom piece to still be attatched:

It really seemed so clever to me to have a dress for your three month old that wouldn't find itself up around her arm pits as they are scrunched up in your arms.  Trust me on that one if you've never had a three month old little girl in a dress. 

But attaching that ruffled skirt piece to the intact onsie was way more tricky that I wish it was.  It became necessary to either pick it all apart because of little pintucks that occurred, or to add the little belt band.  The belt band was actually easier than ripping it apart!  Maybe there should be more to it.  Maybe the shirt should have something on it, or a bow or a flower.  But sometimes, enough is enough.  I'm calling this dress done.  It gets bonus points for being so cleverly attached to the snap bottom! 

Okay, now I only have six days left!  Let's see what else I can finish before we leave...


Nicole Durtschi said...

You totally have me conviced I have to try this dress! I love the little ruffle you added at the top. So cute!

Liz said...

I didn't get any of those fabrics when I was at HQ. How sad. And now I'm thinking I need more blues and greens in my stash. Sigh.

LOVE it all!!! I'm definitely going to do straps instead of ties for my next Popover Sundress. I also love the added ruffle. I'm sure it was a lot faster than doing a ruffle at the bottom.

Big Congrats on the onesie dress!!! It looks darling. I'd be so happy if I were having a new baby girl and got a sweet little onesie dress. Figuring out how to keep the snaps at the bottom is quite an accomplishment. You are a sewing genius!!

Can't wait to see what else you get done before your Korean adventures come to an end.

E J said...

Can we have more instructions on how you "finished" the straps? I guess my question is, is there enough room in the dress for your daughter to get it on and off with the straps being finished (or did you add buttons, elastic, etc.)?

Annee said...

EJ, you do not need to add anything into the dress or straps in order to have the dress fit with the finished straps. The head opening is wide enough for the dress to fit just fine over the head. I will photograph the process the next time I do it. It's very simple, and I like it much better than tying the straps shut.

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