Sunday, May 16, 2010


First item I was able to finally cross off of my mental To Do list were the Easter quilts.  I sewed the tops of them in record timing, but quilting and binding took me a while.  

Grace and George were running around while I was trying to take pictures of their quilts, can you tell??

I tried free motion quilting for the first time on these quilts.  I stippled around the circles, and inside the circles I made concentric circles.  My machine doesn't have a quilting program, so for help I read over this tutorial.  I'm really happy with these quilts, and it made my day today when George asked me to lay his quilt on the floor so he could play on it.  Maybe he loves his quilt as much as I do!

Friday night I finally finished the McCall M5694 Jumper that Annee made for her girls a while back.  I cut out all the pieces while I was in Korea and brought the instructions home with me to CA.  I discovered Friday night that I didn't transfer ANY of the markings from the pattern to my fabric which are kind of helpful in sewing everything all together.  And, I really do think there was a second sheet of instructions, but thankfully I've made a dress or two so I was able to figure things out.

Now back to my ever growing To Do List.

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Annee said...

Liz, your first big attempt at free motion quilting is wildly impressive! Those quilts will be treasured forever. I love when a project that takes a long time, is still loved when it's in use.

Thank goodness you are such an experiences seamstress! I'm sorry about the instructions not making it back to the Bay Area with you :) The jumper is darling!!

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