Sunday, March 7, 2010

Schoolhouse Tunic, etc.

I thought of something to make with the latest Riley Blake fabrics!  I've made this pattern before, but only once.  And every time one of the Ladies wears the jumper, I've thought to myself that I should make more.  Finally inspired by this new fabric, I pulled the pattern back out, and set up my own Cottage Industry sweatshop.  The rule was, I could not move on to the next step, until I had completed the previous step on BOTH dresses!  I knew I wanted two complete dresses by the end of my endevors, but sometimes it's just too boring to completely finish one dress, only to have to start all the way over on the second.

Guess what, it's still boring sewing two of the exact same thing this way too, but by following my rules (I'm so strict sometimes), I had two darling jumpers for Sunday, and that wasn't boring at all!

McCall's pattern 5694


I can endorse this pattern 100%.  It gives me very little to complain about.  The instructions are clear, and even come with a few helpful illustrations.  Who can resist a pattern that doesn't call for any notions?!


My only caution, this is the size 4, with two inches of added length!  My girls usually wear a size 6 at Gymboree.  I think that means this pattern runs large?  I could have probably sewn the size 5, but I like how it's so fitted in the bodice.


Inspired by this unknown piece of fabric that I stumble upon, I even sewed myself something this week.  First of all, I still love the fabric!  That's huge for me.  Often by the time I've made it into something for myself, I get to the end and I've lost the love I once had for the fabric.  But not so with this one.  I LOVE THIS FABRIC!  

At first I thought it was going to be a table cloth.  And to tell you the truth, I've used it as a table cloth twice before I realized I wanted to wear that table cloth!  So for that reason, I felt a little bit like Frolign Maria from the Sound of Music, when she turns her old drapes into clothes for the children. 

Secondly, this is the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern by Sew Liberated.  I endorse it 100% as well!  I have long been a fan of the Emmeline apron.  Liz and I have each sewn it several times.  The Emmeline pattern is perfection.  And I think the designs that come from Meg of Sew Liberated are truly lovely.  So, I confidently bought the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern a while ago, waiting less confidently for the courage to wear one of my own creations.  After seeing this fabric neatly folded in my fabric stacks, inspiration hit, and I thought, "I would wear that as a Tunic!"  
The rest is sewing history.

Thirdly, I really, really, really hate posing for pictures of myself in something that I've made.  I've been trying all day long to find a shot that I wouldn't be too embarrassed to post.  These ones only barely pass.  

I thought the addition of the ruffle band on the sleeve, in the contrasting border color was just the  finishing touch I was looking for.  Maybe I made it two inches too short?  Other than that, the pattern is once again amazing.  The pieces fit together perfectly.  The instructions never once left me in tears.  Once I had everything cut out, I think I had my first version complete (photos of that one on a later date) in very close to two hours.   And best of all, I've made two already, and can think of making at least one more.  The options really are endless. 

And yeah, all three of us in homemade clothes for church on Sunday does leave me feeling ever so slightly like a pioneer.  But I hope I've done my pioneer heritage proud by kicking up the fashion a few notches.

P.S.  Isn't that awesome that Ruby is patting my belly as if she is reminding me, "don't forget to suck it in Mama!" 

P.P.S.  I offered to make Henry and George ties out of the Riley Blake fabric.  Can you believe they turned me down?!


Liz said...

Gorgeous!! All three of you in handmade dresses, that in my opinion do NOT look handmade, is just priceless. I'm thinking I might need both of these patterns!

LOVE the tunic!! I even have that fabric. Maybe I'll be wearing it next week. :)

Brooke said...

Just ordered myself a pattern! I'm thinking some seersucker would be pretty cute...and maybe some shorter sleeves? Thanks for the inspiration, and I'm glad to see you're sewing for yourself as well! I can't believe the boys didn't want ties. I made them once for my boys though, and I have to say, it's kind of tricky...what with them having to be on the bias and everything...maybe you should be glad they turned you down, and just move onto making yourself another tunic!

sarah said...

I love the girls jumpers - great design and great fabric! Where are you getting all their great t's to put underneath?

And your tunic is super cute too. Love the boots and I was so relieved to get to the bottom and see a picture of your head. I was starting to wonder...

Sarah Moran said...

I also want to know where you are getting the tees to go under your girls dresses, they are darling and I love that they are just a plain solid T that could go with so much. Your dress looks great and you look wonderful in it!

Nicole Durtschi said...

You girls are so cute. I think your version of the tunic is one of the cutest I've seen!

Annee said...

I have long been a fan of the plain tees at Target. I believe the pink one in this post is a Cherokee one. We have them in several colors. More recently, I have a friend who sold Modbe clothes. She has a daughter a few year older than my girls, and she hands down her enormous collection of kidbe solid colored t-shirts. Since then, Modbe has gone out of business. Hard to beat free solid colored tees, but when I buy them myself, Target is the first place I look.

Greg and Shara said...

ANNEE!!! You rock!! Your tunic shirt and dress is so stinkin' cute! I want one! The girls' dresses are adorable , too! Really girlfriend, I know I say this all the time; but, you are so talented! I think I might have some hand in it! I mean, I did show you HQ and get you hooked on the fabric, which in turn blasted you off into sewing these chic creations, right?!?!? Love it :)

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