Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milkmaid Skirt

As promised I have skirts to share tonight. With sick kids on the couch and inside all day long, I just kept coming in and out of my sewing room working on my Milkmaid Skirts.

I think I need to redo my measurements and pattern for this skirt. My first attempt was the Michael Miller Carnival Bloom skirt. I felt like the pockets were too big.

My next attempt I used Robert Kaufman's Sugar and Spice. I have very little of this fabric left, so I was trying to not make any mistakes. Some how the waist ended up smaller than the first one, but I was able to remedy the pockets looking too large.

I'll probably attempt this skirt again. It's really a simple skirt to make. I'm just not sure I like my measurements. I think I would add at least an inch to my front panel pattern piece. Maybe I'll change my mind once I see it on Grace, but for now it just looks a little on the small side to me.
BUT, my Schoolhouse Tunic pattern arrived in the mail today. That might need to be my next sewing project.

Maybe tomorrow I get Grace all dressed up in a new skirt and we can go find some cows to milk or at least see how her new skirts fit!


Doug said...

I love how those turned out. -sarah

Annee said...

I kind of think the deeper pockets are cool, because then you see a bit more of the contrasting fabric. I hope they both fit Grace, because if they do, Grace just scored some mighty fine additions to her wardrobe. Lucky duck.

You've inspired me. I guess we can have some Milkmaid skirts too now. Thanks!

Kevin and Kristina said...

love these!!

crafterhours said...

Hi, I love your skirts! Do you mind if I use these pictures to feature them on a milkmaid skirt round-up blog post? Thanks, Adrianna

Liz said...

Hi Adrianna! Thanks for the kind comment and please use my pictures for your round-up!

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