Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where is the time going...

It almost feels like it's been months since I've posted here.  And it certainly feels like I should have more to show for myself than I do.  But that's just the way life goes sometimes, isn't it?! 

Here's a another Toddler Pinafore Smock Top.  This is currently my favorite gift to make for the 5 and under crowd.  Paired with a matching little tote, what more could a little birthday girl hope for?!  Of course we fill the tote with chocolate, just so she knows how much we love her!

Pattern is from One Yard Wonders.  Fabric is from the Alexander Henry Collection 2005, called "starling".  It's a really sweet print.  I've been holding on to it for a while now, just waiting for a special project to suit it. 

Although I can't really explain where the time has gone between now and February 20th when this project was first conceived, I'm glad none the less that it's complete.  Let no one accuse me of not fully appreciating the gift of fabric!  Of course, you know what Ruby wanted me to make with it?   A chef's hat (it's just so random the stuff that she comes up for me to make for her)!    Anyway, I've promised her, I'll still make one.  At my current pace, she'll maybe have it by Easter. 

So, that's it.  That's all I have to show for myself.   Sunday will be lovely.  I can't wait to see the girls side-by-side in these frocks! 

I have a few more projects in the works.  Including lots of ideas about the spring and summer dress collection we need.  I hope my energy will return when spring decides to show up. 

Good night. 


Cher said...

Liz (and Annee)-

Have I told you how much I love this blog, the cutest fabric, the cutest projects and the cutest mom's! (Annee, I feel like I kinda sorta know you from all of the nice things Liz says about you and if you are a friend of Liz, you are definitely a friend of mine!!)

Sarah M. said...

I like the new dresses!! I love the look of how the yolk material on the red and black one is repeated along the bottom as well! Hope you are warming up soon.

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