Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Schoolhouse Tunic, shirt version.

I need to hurry and sew something for my girls, or for my house, so I can quit being the main subject of my show-and-tells.  Here's the shirt version of the tunic.  I really liked wearing it today.  It's super comfy, and I think cute.  I'm surprised how unembarrassed I felt about wearing something that I made myself.  Maybe because I really don't think it looks too "homemade".  I shouldn't be embarrassed.  I know I'm just silly like that. 

And yep, that's the elevator behind me.  I keep my full length mirror in the public hallway, right in front of the elevator.  You know, one last glance before the doors shut, etc.   (wink, wink)

My fabric is from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain line.  Maybe Liz can elaborate for me (can you Liz?).  She used it recently as well.

Also, the pattern says you need more than two yards, I sewed this is in the size 6/8 and I used less than two yards.  Just FYI.  I would definitely buy two yards to make the shirt, but you'll have some nice, big pieces of scrapes left over. 

Okay, until I make a third one, I think I'm done talking about the Schoolhouse Tunic.  It's a great pattern!


Kevin and Kristina said...

The shirt turned out really cute. I loved the dress too.

Sarah M. said...

Hey I love it!! I was thinking as I was looking at the dress that it would make a great top. And look it did!! I told Liz, I like that you are sewing for yourselves so I can get more ideas of what to make for myself. This one looks so flattering, I just may have to try it. And I like your fabric choices.

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