Monday, March 22, 2010

Madness on Maple!

I've been sewing like mad for the past couple of days.  I asked the Italian if I could sew last night, and he said, "You sew every night." I got worried he would ask me to close up shop.  Then he said, "Why would I care if you sew tonight?"  That is true love!

I started the madness on Thursday (I think?) with the Sweet Little Dress pattern.  It is one of the first patterns that I bought, and it is super simple.  I believe there are only 10 steps to the dress and there are only 4 pieces of fabric to cut.  Grace might be too old for this pattern after this summer, so you will probably see this pattern several more times. 

I changed the sleeves this time. Sorry, I don't have a picture of what they should look like, so just refer to the link to the pattern.

The Sweet Little Dress looks so sweet!!  I love it.

After I made the Sweet Little Dress, I felt like I needed a folklore bag from The One Yard Wonder's book.  I made one a little while ago, and I knew when I sent the bag off to my friend, that I needed one for myself.  I chose my all time fabric Anna Maria Horner fabric.  I have 6 yards of this fabric hanging on my front windows for me to stare at all day long.  Now I can take the fabric with me when I'm on the go!

After my tote, came a banner for our friend.  I used this fabric banner tutorial!!  You should try it.  It's especially easy and quick when the name you are spelling is only 4 letters long!

Another felt fabric hair clip came next and was given away with some delicious rice krispie bars.

Then I had to make a quick birthday gift for a friend.  These patchwork dish towels are a dream to make.  This tutorial made it on our Tried and True Tutorial list because it is so easy!  I didn't time myself, but I'd be willing to bet I made both of these towels in about an hour.  The white dish towels came from Wal-Mart.

The last project I have to share took up the better part of my Sunday afternoon and evening.  This Thursday my Relief Society is having a Humanitarian night and needed help sewing quilts to tie at our event.  I signed up having never made a quilt this large.  Let's just say this quilt doesn't look like much, but there was a LOT of TIME that went into it.  The quilt was only supposed to be two 90 inch sheets sewn together, but the sheets shrunk considerably in the wash.  I added some of my own fabric and some of the extra length of the sheets to make the perfect size square. 

Up next??  My Schoolhouse Tunic.  The pattern came and the pieces are cut.  The fabric has arrived and is washed and pressed.  Maybe I'll get lucky and the Italian won't mind if I sew again tomorrow night!
Tootles for now!


jrs said...

cute stuff. you guys never cease to amaze me.

Annee said...

Seriously, you've been busy Liz! I've been thinking of that exact same sleeve modification on the SLD. We must share a sewing intuition :) Love the bird! Your bag turned out amazing. You're going to love it! The towels, the treats, the QUILT! I don't know when you find time to sleep. Have you been sleeping lately :) Thanks for sharing it all.

Sarah M. said...

Madness indeed!! Ditto on all the Annee comments(except the sleeve modification thing of course). That was a cute and smart solution to the sheet shrinking problem.

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