Thursday, January 14, 2010

More wonders.

Review #2: Toddler Pinafore Smock Top

Okay, this pattern is totally simple! If you are looking for a quick project that delivers a great deal of satisfaction, start here!

I was somewhat undecided with what I wanted out of this little smock. Was it for my ladies? Was it a gift? Was it to look vintage, was it to be a modern interpretation? But I had these two coordinating fabrics, and exactly one yard of each, so I started here.

I could not resist the addition of a gathered pocket from the tutorial by the generous Dana, of "Dana Made It"

And the ruffle at the bottom occurred to me around 11:30pm right when I thought I was almost done. I was afraid it was going to be too short, and since my models were asleep in bed, I had to make an executive decision.

In the end I love the ruffle, and the pocket. I still think the fabric just isn't my favorite. It's a little too Laura Ashley for me to be in love with it. But the concept of the pinafore frock is one I think I can continue to get excited about and interpret again, perhaps with a more vintage flair.

Oh yeah, I sewed the size 4T. My girls wear a size 6 at Gymboree! The sizing is generous on this one.

And as a final note, that fabric is from Riley Blake Designs,"Bloom and Grow" by Mind's Eye.

P.S. Don't make any cutting errors, at least if you are making it in a size 4T. It really does use every last inch of your one yard!


Donna said...

This was the pattern I submitted, thanks so much for trying it out and writing up a review. The ruffle is a nice addition, it looks lovely!

Annee said...

Donna, it's a great pattern! I love how simple and intuative it is. Love the method for lining the bodice. So many good things about this one. Thanks for your creativity and sharing it with others.

Lori said...

Love this!

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