Monday, January 25, 2010

Here's the latest...

Happy to report that the white sashing didn't ruin my day. In fact, it went quite quickly, and gave me a surprising amount of satisfaction. I believe that is due in part to the fact that before I attached the sashing, I trimmed all my blocks to perfect 8" squares. That gave the sashing a greater potential of turning out straight, rather than not straight. That was a very great tip. And by the way, I was following a wonky block tutorial that I found here.

(I give up on trying to get this picture to turn the right way!!!)

Of course, when it came to the back, I couldn't just settle on the pink (although it does happen to be one of my all time favorite fabrics!). AND, I was dying to try out this tutorial for making a wonky star block.

I would give this tutorial 5 stars, our of 5 stars. And, I would also add that should you attempt it, be prepared to have your pulse accelerate with jubilation as you see the star turning out, just as you hoped it would!

Two steps left on this quilt. I've still got to decide how it's going to be quilted. At first I was thinking some sort of concentric square stitches (but can I tolerate it??).

And finally the binding, which I think I've settled on, as long as I don't change my mind between now and then.


Finally, because one project at a time is rarely good enough around these parts, I turned back to the "One Yard Wonders" book on Sunday night and decided that I instantly needed a "Folding Chair Pinafore Slipcover" (p.26)

There wasn't really anything instant about this project. In fact, it just got moved to a work-in-progress project. As I suspected from the outset, my folding chairs (which are wooden and purchased while living in Germany), aren't exactly the standard size. And though I measured them before I started, and thought it was going to work, it didn't quite work, exactly. But I'm not mad. I love the concept so much, so I'm going to continue working on it. I opted not to attach the little ribbons on the side until I make my final alterations.

In the end, I suspect 3 hours is too long to spend loosely slip-covering a wooden folding chair. But if I'm going to get critical about how I spend my time, probably a star in the middle of my pink fabric was again, a questionable way to spend a couple of hours.

As it turns out, sewing can become an addiction, and I may have a tendency towards addictive behaviors.

Let's leave it at that. But to be sure, this is not that last you will hear about slip covered folding chairs. It just isn't.


Sarah M. said...

Hey, that white sashing really makes those block pop. I just had to browse One Yard Wonders at B&N the other day and that chair cover caught my eye. I just love that pleat along the top. I'm staying tuned to see what you do with it.

jrs said...

viewer question: what would you suggest I make with some old T-shirts. The fabric is good. So i hate to throw the whole shirt away b/c of a stain or two.

Liz said...

The quilt is stunning and the wonky star on the back was a brilliant idea. Way to go!

I also really like the folding chair cover. I wish I had folding chairs to cover.

As for the old t-shirts...Jana, we will be doing a tutorial in the next little bit on how to spruce up a t-shirt. See an example in our Made On Maple profile pic. I'll be thinking of other ways to use t-shirts and I'll get back to you!

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