Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Own One Yard Wonder

Annee's been on a roll with the One Yard Wonders! You go girl!! My copy of the book is in the mail, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Maybe it will come this weekend, and maybe I'll have a little extra time this holiday weekend to lock myself up in my sewing room and sew!

With the start of a new year, I decided that Grace and George's room needed a makeover. I haven't touched it since before Grace was born, so the theme was definitely girly, and it needed a more non gender specific theme since the two little ones have to share their space.

Anna Maria's Chocolate Lollipop fabric is being discontinued. While it's sad to see it go, there are several Esty shops that have her line on sale, so I was very happy to stumble across some reasonably priced Anna Maria fabric for $5.50 a yard! A real deal if you ask me! Imagine Fabric supplied me with this fabric which was my inspiration for the kids' bedroom.
With my treasured one yard of fabric, I decided to use it all up and make a window valance. I coordinated my Chocolate Lollipop fabric with a basic brown pin dot from my local JoAnn's so I could cut my yard into thirds to make my valance fuller. I used grommets to add a different element to the simple project. The grommets required NO tools which is huge. I've used metal grommets once, and it was a real chore getting them pounded in just right. I had to install 16 grommets which could have been a daunting task, but it went so fast since all I had to do was cut the holes and snap the grommets together. It was a snap! Pun intended!

I also adorned their room with a jute line to hang pictures and prints. Hopefully making it so easy to add and change the pictures will encourage me to keep the line updated often.
After a full month off of sewing, it felt so good to get back to my machine and create. I have a couple of gifts to make, so hopefully I'll be sewing again soon!


Annee said...

Hey, your valance is such a great idea! Who would have guessed how far one yard can go!! I love the addition of the grommets. And they just snap together?! That's so snappy.

Seriously, that valance is so eye catching. I LOVE it!

Sarah M. said...

You already painted the room AND sewed a valance!! It looks great. I love the ric rac addition. That stuff sure is handy. I ordered some of that fabric. Thanks for the tip

Kevin and Kristina said...

the curtains turned out beautifully! so glad i got to see them today

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