Monday, January 4, 2010

Krazy About Korea!

My one hope for Christmas Break 2009 was that I could finish my Krazy About Korea quilt. It's always a miracle when anything gets done around here. This is no exception. I love the quilt. In the end it measures 67x56. Perfect for curling up with on the couch. The fabrics are each memories in and of themselves. It will be my best souvenir of our years here in Korea. One huge time saver was when I decided not to cut the binding on the bias!! That was so smart of me. For one, I didn't have to waste so much fabric. And for two, it's not necessary with so many straight side edges. Overall I'm happy with the stippling done by the quilter off-base. But his stippling does tend towards a heart shape more than I would have liked. But doing it myself wasn't an option, so I'm not going to complain too much about that.

Krazy About Korea now sits proudly on the back of my couch and I've curled up with it two nights in a row now.

Here's to a bright hope that many projects get started and finished in 2010!! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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