Monday, January 25, 2010

A Perfect Pillow

"Round of Applause to Anna" Pillow

A couple of months ago I bought a bundle of Anna Maria Horner fat quarters off of Etsy. I thought I'd collect the fat quarter and turn them into a quilt. As I started thinking about my original plan, I realized that I don't have a bed in my house that is in need of a quilt, so I've just had the fat quarters in my stash with no purpose in mind for them.

I've also had a picture of a pillow that has squares and circles quilted together, and I've thought for months that I should make a pillow like it. And then I merged the fat quarters with the pillow ideas, and the results are stunning if I do say so myself. I absolutely love my new pillow.

After making the top piece, I moved onto the back, and I successfully attempted putting a zipper closure in my pillow. This was one of the most reward sewing experiences I've had since I started seriously sewing about year and a half ago. It gives the pillow such a professional look. You can sew one into your next pillow by following the link "Put a Zipper in a Pillow" under "Tried and True Tutorials" on our sidebar. Huge thanks to Erin from House on Hill Road.

Then I place my front piece wrong sides together with my back piece and using bias tape I made, I bound them together like a quilt. Heather Bailey has a nice quilt binding tutorial should you need one.

This pillow was rather time consuming, but what isn't when you are sewing, and I feel like all the time put into it was well spent. I just love it! I've been wanting new pillows in my living room since before the Christmas sewing madness happened. One down, several more to go! Stay tuned!


E J said...

This pillow is AMAZING Liz! Sewing those circles must have been crazy.

Kristina forwarded me your blog. So excited to have another fun sewing blog for inspiration. Love so many of the same fabric designers that you guys do (I have two yards of Anna Maria Horner that I bought and don't even want to cut into it because it is so beautiful).

Thanks again for the fun new blog!

Etta :)

Annee said...

Totally awesome. You'll just want to sit on your couch all day today, looking at it.

I love it!!!

Liz said...

Hi Etta! I totally understand not wanting to cut into your Anna Maria fabric. My suggestion? Just go for it. You'll be happy with whatever you transform it into. All of her fabric just makes me smile.

And yes the circles did drive me crazy, but in the end I think it was worth it!

So glad you found MOM!

Sarah M. said...

Liz, your pillow turned out awesome. I'm copying it for sure, though I don't have enough AMH fabric,I'll find something that will work. Oh, and I love the name of it, nice touch.

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