Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For a wee little one

On Sunday night I was on a mission to sew.  I felt like I hadn't sewn in a couple of days, and I just wanted to be behind my machine.  While I'm sure I could/should have sewn something other than what I did, I really wanted to try to make a onesie dress.  I'm not pregnant, but darn if this dress doesn't make me wish I were!  (Dear Italian, doesn't this dress make you want a baby?  Love, Your Greek Goddess)

I was originally going to put a fabric flower on the top where the appliqued cupcake is.  I pretty much almost cried with frustration last night when the fabric flower wasn't working and I had to pick it off with the seam ripper and it tore the onesie a little.  I was slightly devastated.  In the end, it is okay.  The flower would have been cuter, but who doesn't love cupcakes??

I agree with Annee that the onesie dress should have the bottom snaps attached.  I kept the snaps and added a ruffle to the bum.

I think every little baby girl should have a ruffled bum.  Mine isn't perfect, but this dress was more just an experiment. I think my ruffles could have been a little wider and a little straighter.  Thank goodness I bought a whole pack of onesies to help me perfect this look.

Nothing too fancy tonight.  Tomorrow night I'll post my delicious 100% whole wheat pizza recipe with homemade red sauce.  Both recipes are easy and the thought of them make my mouth water.  I figured you might need the recipes for this weekend, so you can be just like me and make homemade pizza every Friday.  

Night night!!


Sarah M. said...

CUTE! I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow night. I might attempt this. Putting the skirt on does look tricky.

Kevin and Kristina said...

so sweet :) literally and figuratively.

Sarah McKellar said...

We have homemade pizza every Friday, too. :) I'd love your dough recipe!

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