Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just like old times...

Here it is, past midnight I'm covered in string and making a blog post.  It feels like I'm finally home.

We moved into our new house just over a month ago.  Maybe closer to six weeks ago.  It's taken until now to have the leisure and the space to create.  It came just in the nick of time, it feels like it's been forever.  I've had  some time to think about what my first project might be, and I decided assuredly that it should be something for my little girls.  Sewing for them is what got me started two years ago in Korea, it seemed fitting that it's what would get me started again in North Carolina.  Sure enough, miniature outfits are my favorite things to make!  

But first, want a little tour?!  Of course, this sewing space is only barely functioning.  It still has a ways to go before it is fully the sewing studio of my dreams.  But for six weeks into the house, I think we're off to a good start! 

The house was a former model home, so the garage was completely finished as the design decision studio.  So we live without a garage, but it didn't take me very long to fully appreciate this fact.  It could be my sewing space, since Darin kind of hates co-habitating with little bits of sting all over the house, this might just be our perfect solution...

I step outside my kitchen door, and go out to my "garage" :

For now I have to walk around a 6 foot tall stack of collapsed moving boxes.  Once I figure out how to give them away, I'll have more room for another table.

In the mean time, it's not an entirely bad corner I have carved out for myself. 

The "expedit" from Ikea has proven to be an excellent way to organize the fabric.  I dream about having time someday to refold every single piece of fabric into a matching size and having perfectly stacked piles of fabric.  But who am I kidding?! 

Messy stacks of fabric and all, I was still able to sew my way through a little outfit today.  What a joy to be back in my creative place. 

Inspired by the "Bloom" skirt on the "Make It Perfect" blog, I just added some ruffles to our otherwise basic tiered skirt.   Super fun!  Forgot how time consuming it can be to sew stuff, seriously.  The little fairy fabric is a Tina Givens print, found on my very last visit to Happy Quilt. 

Finished it up with a little bow shirt, can't wait to have somewhere wear it to church tomorrow (or tell me all the reasons they won't wear it to church because it's not quite right, sigh).  These ladies can sometimes be little fashion divas!  Hopefully I'll follow up with some modeling photos. 

Liz's recent Jump Rope dress has me wanting to make my Oliver & S Ice Cream Dress again.  Maybe that will be next?! 

Hip, hip, hurray.  I'm back. 


Liz said...

You have no idea how happy I am that you are back!! I've missed you!!

Your sewing space is dreamy! I'm just a little bit jealous. (Or maybe a lot.)

What a comeback! That skirt is absolutely smashing! The fabric combination is genius, and the bow shirt is the perfect compliment.

I can't wait to see what you make next!!

Kat said...

Annee I LOVE it! I SO need to be able to sew a skirt just like that! I just don't feel brave enough to tackle it on my own...yet.

Really, when the kids start school I am going to teach myself to make cute dresses and skirts like you and Liz (that dress Liz just made - hello!?). What should I start with? What's the EASIEST peaziest thing to do, you know, to get my confidence up a bit? :)

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