Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My model.

Here is my finished "come back" outfit on Jane, last Sunday.  It looked darling.  I was especially fond of the bow shirt.  I was not fond of it after she got enchilada sauce on it that night.  It's still soaking in water as I type.  I hope it comes out!  One wear was not enough for me to be done with this outfit. 

After this effort, it was time to turn my attention to our last two days of summer vacation, and everyone (including Dad) returning to school.  That took me away from the sewing room.  However, on the Kindergarten supply list, there was a need for "nap towels" with the student's name on it.  I was determined to simply send in a towel as requested on the list.  But when I was putting away all the fabric the other night, I was slightly overwhlemed by how much there is.  I need to seriously use it up!  How can I ever justify further fabric purchases with so much in the stacks?! 

Way back when, the girls each picked out fabrics from Happy Quilt that I was less than fond of, but that they really loved.  What better way to use it than to send it off to school for the "nap towel"?  (Never mind the fact my girls haven't taken a nap in over two years!)

This project was so simple, if barely qualifie as a  MOM showcase, but the thing is, it meant a whole lot to my little girls in the morning when they woke up on their first day of kindergarten.  They didn't know what I had in mind, and when they saw their custome made MOM towels laid out with their backpacks, they were so joyful.  And that made them beautiful to me, even though I didn't like the fabric.  Now, when they are off at school and it's "naptime", they can lay down on their special towel and think of their MOM back at home who loves them very, very much. 

(And guess what Jane told me when she got off the bus today?  With utter shock in her voice she said, "Mom, I fell asleep today on my towel!")

And finally I leave you with the latest project in the works... just a little tiny glimpse... it's supposed to be a gift, shhh...

Good Night. (a whole lot earlier than Liz, but I've got four kids to send off to school all by 7:10am!)

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Liz said...

Love the skirt and bow shirt on your darling model!!! Jane, you're beautiful!

And, the towels are totally worthy of being put on MOM. Such a cute idea even if the fabric isn't your favorite.

I can't WAIT to see the finished quilt!!

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