Monday, August 16, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Was kind enough to try on the dress that I made her.  I may or may not have bribed her with a little chocolate first thing in the morning to put it on and model around for me.  And then I made her take it off.  This dress will be a special dress!!  Maybe the first day of school outfit??

A view of the Jump Rope Dress from all angles:

I love this dress so much.  I'm definitely going to make another one soon I hope.  Also, if you are thinking of buying the pattern and making one, the sizing is true to size.  Grace is a 4T, and I made the 4 pattern, and it's a perfect fit.

And now I must get back to birthday prep.  Grace's 4th birthday is on Thursday, and I've promised her a brown party.  Brown is for chocolate and she loves the stuff.  Here are my decorations so far.

I have a LONG way to go.  I've used this tutorial to help make the tissue pompoms.  I only have like 10 more to make and I need at least the same number of brown circles.  The celebration is going to be a family thing, but Grace has talked about her brown party for so long, so I had to do something!  It going to be a busy next couple of nights.  I also need to make a birthday outfit before the big day.  I've definitely got my work cut out for me!!


Annee said...

I want to make a jump rope dress! I better hurry and buy the pattern before it sells out. Can't wait to see the brown party. It's going to be so pretty.

Kevin and Kristina said...

So cute!! I love it!

Sarah M. said...

Liz, that dress is darling. What a great fit!!

Jennifer said...

I have had this pattern for awhile, but did not know what fabric to use for it. I love your choice of fabrics. I bought the same fabric for a winter dress for my daughter, so I love that you have used it for a summery dress

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