Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pajama pants!

I promise I have more than just pants to show this week, but tonight I need to share two more pairs I've made.

For Christmas I made pajama pants for my mom.  While planning her trip to come and stay with us this week, she asked me to get her some "funky" fabric to make her two more pairs of pajama pants.

I bought two Tina Givens prints, and I used the Amy Butler pattern in her book In Stitches.

The results:

My mom is totally happy which makes me happy.  However, she told me she wears the pair of pajama pants I made her at Christmas in public.  Like to the movies and the grocery store!!!  If you live in GA, please tease her when you see Grandma Blanche walking around Publix in her pajama pants!!

I have some cute itty bitty things to share later this week.  Stay tuned!!


Rachel said...

I love the pj pants. I have the owl fabric in purple & green, I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Maybe I'll make something for me.

Sarah M. said...

Yea that Grandma got More PJ's. That Fabric IS CUTE!

Kevin and Kristina said...

Your mom cracks me up. Wish I could've seen her this visit. Sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun! The pj pants are cute!

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