Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work-In-Progress Wednseday

Have you ever felt like life opened it's big wide mouth and swallowed you whole, such that you were buried inside of it somewhere?!  That's my best description of how I've felt lately.  It doesn't mean however, that I haven't tried to start things here and there.  The problem is, I have only started a whole bunch of things.  For nearly a month now (WHAT?!!!), I haven't really finished anything noteworthy.

That's sad.  That's real sad.  

When talking to Liz last night, she suggested I might feel better to see all of my WIP projects featured here on MOM.  Mostly from our conversation I gathered that I needed to make a new skirt for the ladies.  And of course, when I say "a" new skirt, I mean "two" new skirts.  But somewhere in the night I got a few priorities straight.  Finish a few things that are out, before moving on to more ideas.  It will be therapeutic to see things finished.  Here was just a glimpse of what was sitting out on my sewing table when I walked out to the sewing garage last night:  

Remember the dresses I've been eluding to since January??  After I started making Ruby's dress I decided to give her a little glimpse one afternoon.  That was probably the wrong thing to do.  She told me it was wrong.  I had made many design errors.  She would not love it the way I had made it.  Though I felt slightly like I had created a monster of a daughter, I also decided in order for this to be a positive experience for both of us, I should just make it "right", the way she has pictured it in her mind.  So I did some seam ripping, and now the bodice looks like this:

Enter the "Half-and-Half" bodice.  That's how Ruby pictures it, that's how I'm going to make it.  Problem is (other than I think it's kind of ugly), she wants the skirt to be half-and-half as well.  I didn't have enough blue fabric left for that affect.  She told me to just go back to the fabric store.  So this project has been sitting strung about all around the sewing garage!

Next up, I agreed to sew 16 desk carols for on of my kid's teacher sometime in November.  The count so far?  One done, fifteen more to go.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!  I finished the first one last week.  

And finally, in March of 2010 I started a twin size quilt for my niece, per my sister's request.  In March 2011, I have now started the two matching pillow shams.  That's the most awesome pace I have ever heard of.  Wouldn't you agree?!

And there is always more to do...

And there you have a tiny glimpse into my sewing chaos, as of the last month!  Someday order will return, right?  Sometimes I think it won't until school is out and we are in summer vacation mode.  But hopefully I'm wrong.  

Liz has some big ideas about a regular Wednesday feature all about our collective works-in-progress, and the possibility of linking them all up here on our blog.  That would be a technological wonder in my mind, so we'll all wait to have Liz instruct us on that topic in the near future.  In the mean time, pray with me that something, ANYTHING will get finished.  

Happy Wednesday.  


Rachel said...

This sounds like me!

For what it's worth I started a log cabin quilt 5 or 6 years ago, so your pace isn't quite as bad as mine. About half the blocks are done and another 1/4 are started but for some reason I never work on it.

Liz said...

This made my morning, Sew Sister. I'm totally laughing.

I'll for sure send some prayers your way that a finished project exits the garage soon!!

Jeff said...

You and Liz amaze me. I wouldn't worry too much! :) It looks like you have some great projects. -Eliza

Henry said...

Hi Liza!

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