Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing Soiree hits the East Coast

I was rather jealous of Liz's intimate Sewing Night a few weeks back.  I decided if I could not attend hers, then I'd just have to host my own.  It was so much fun, I have a feeling we'll be needing to do it again soon.

Lots of machines, a couple of babies, lots of ladies, a few snacks, a late night of sewing.  What more could a girl hope for?!

Some were inserting zippers into pillow backs for the first time!  

Some were making their very first zipper pouches.  Lots of zipper-foot attachements were getting used for the first time.   There was quilt cutting, tie making, a Go-To Dress in the works, and even a Circle Skirt being constructed. It was really a night full of excitement.

As for me, I spent more time chatting and visiting, and guiding a zipper insertion or two, to be able to bust out my own project.  But I did not regret that for a moment.  My own project is one full of instructions and tulle and satin, and layers, and is not something to approach casually.  I found a quiet hour this afternoon where I worked through a few more steps of construction.  It's going to be a dress to behold when it's done.

And Liz told me it's never too late to wrap up a special present from MOM.  For that reason, I feel completely justified in leaving the birthday banner hanging for just a few more days.

Until the next Sewing Soiree was more fun than I deserved to have a on  Tuesday night!  Thanks.  

1 comment:

Liz said...

Wish I could have come! Looks like so much fun.

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